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"A not so friendly game of football."


Pro Bowl is a heavy handed protoss sport, though not unknown to terrans. Jim Raynor appeared to be a huge fan of it, refereeing at least one match.


Pro Bowl features two teams of everything ranging from probes to Arbiters. Enclosed by walls in a wide playing field, each team has to use its probes to carry a khaydarin crystal to the opposing team's goal to score a 7-point touchdown. The team with the most points at the end of the two 10-minute halves wins. If the score is tied, the game will go into 5-minute overtime rounds until there is a victor. Anyone straying out of bounds will be killed by match officials-technically an exaggeration, as the high walls enclosing the pitch make this impossible.

A full contact sport, unnecessary violence is encouraged. It is not unheard of for crowds to participate, the referees usually looking the other way as "fights are good for ratings."

Game Map[]

The game acts a scenario-based map in StarCraft 64 and StarCraft for PC (scenario folder map).

Known Teams[]


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