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Deep-space probes were small biological constructs sent out by the Overmind to scout ahead of the Zerg Swarm after it left Zerus.[1]


One such probe discovered and relayed the location and vital statistics of the terrans, which it had discovered near protoss space. The Swarm then moved towards the unsuspecting terrans.

Tassadar's Expeditionary Force discovered a number of the probes floating near the border of protoss space. Tassadar determined that they were headed for the Koprulu Sector but was unable to determine their origin point.

Tassadar captured the probes and brought them to Aiur for study. Using the khaydarin crystals, the protoss were able to read their thoughts... ‘Find Humanity’…‘Eradicate’…‘Learn’…‘Evolve’...

In addition, the protoss were able to determine the probes (and therefore the zerg) had been created by the xel'naga, which explained why the probes reacted so naturally to the crystal emanations.[1]

When the zerg arrived in the Koprulu Sector these probes were also encountered by the Dark Templar. The Dark Templar tracked the zerg to Char and chose to test themselves against small groups of zerg.[2]


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