"Boscrap. Utter boscrap. That's a pipe dream that the UED tried to live out through Project 'Black Flag.' Nearly killed us all."

- Colonel Garr on the notion of controlling zerg(src)

BlackFlag SC1 CineUEDVicRep1

Black Flag in progress.

Project Black Flag was a United Earth Directorate military research project used to study and control the second Overmind once the UED Expeditionary Fleet captured it. They used psychics and powerful drugs to control it.[1] The project came to an end with the death of the enslaved Overmind and the subsequent expulsion of the UED from the Koprulu sector.[2]

Years later, Terran Dominion scientist Dr. Sandra Loew enacted a similar program which used technology to control hydralisks from the bottom up. She felt this would avoid the failures of Black Flag, which she pointed out had been done from a top-down approach, and in her mind, "upside down." However, the control was an illusion allowed by the Queen of Blades, who manipulated the Tamed to kill Loew, along with numerous Dominion troops and officials.[3]


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