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Project Gestalt was a Terran Dominion research project led by Doctor Stanley Burgess. Its purpose involves capturing protoss for experimentation, using them to create protoss/terran hybrid soldiers in preparation for conflict against the protoss and zerg. The project was expensive – the cost in psi-screens alone was greater than the gross planetary product of Tyrador IX. The project eventually succeeded in creating a successful prototype, codenamed Gestalt Zero by 2502.


The next year, Gestalt Zero captured a high templar, Muadun. Burgess used Muadun's nerve cords to enhance Zero. He found the templar-grade nerve cords to be much more psi-conductive, resulting in a substantial improvement in Zero's performance, without any of the "unpredictable" side effects of terrazine enhancement. He intended to mass-produce these gestalts, controlling them with neural processing and neural inhibitors, and would give them psionic shields and access to the Khala. He sent Zero on a mission to a LarsCorp Technologies base, where the gestalt would steal data on a revolutionary missile guidance system, then destroy the installation.

Burgess had cut off Muadun's access to the Khala, but as part of an experiment to study the psionic link allowed Muadun to slowly reaccess it. This enabled Muadun to call the protoss for help and create psionic storms, eventually freeing the other prisoners. Burgess sent Gestalt Zero to capture them and kill Muadun, but Zero defeated them all. Muadun's last act was to disable Zero's neural inhibitor.

Gestalt Zero found and killed Burgess before he could escape with the project data, and the protoss destroyed the project.[1]

Two years later, knowledge of the project and the protoss attack which destroyed it is still unknown to the average Dominion citizen.[2]

Known Members[]


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