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"Great... Each one's its own special snowflake."

The Prometheus hybrid were a trio of protoss-zerg hybrid created by Doctor Emil Narud and housed aboard the Moebius Foundation research facility Space Station Prometheus.[1]


Each of these three hybrid were unique in appearance. James Raynor likened them to being Narud's personal "pets."

The first hybrid was an insectoid-like being, with sideways jaws, six slender, protoss-like legs - each with a razor-sharp claw on its end, and a pair of scythe-shaped appendages. The second hybrid was a squat creature with the long skull of a protoss and the jaws of a zergling, with a fan-like bony protrusion behind its head. Both of these hybrid had a glowing blue radiance and proved invulnerable to C-14 rifle rounds.

The third hybrid had a hydralisk-shaped lower body and a pair of bat-like "wings" much like those of the original Queen of Blades. This hybrid moved surprisingly fast despite its legless body, and its appendages sported pincers large enough to cut a person in half.[1]


During the Flashpoint Conflict, as the Dominion Fleet approached Prometheus station, Narud sent the squat and the six-legged hybrid after Raynor and Valerian Mengsk. While fleeing the hybrid, the two fugitives ran into a team of Narud's human guards. Raynor and Valerian gunned down the guards, briefly distracting the hybrid, which instinctively stopped to finish off the survivors. Emperor Arcturus Mengsk then contacted the two fugitives and informed them that Dr. Narud could pacify the hybrid with a special frequency, but only if Raynor and Valerian surrendered themselves and Sarah Kerrigan to the custody of the Terran Dominion. Raynor and Valerian refused and continued to flee, but the hybrid resumed the chase and soon cornered them. Just as the hybrid moved in to finish them off, Sarah Kerrigan appeared and used her psionic powers to telepathically explode the squat hybrid's head. She then tore the six-legged hybrid apart with her bare hands.

The pincer hybrid protected Narud as he prepared to escape the station with the xel'naga artifact. While Raynor, Valerian, and Egon Stetmann engaged the Dominion marines in the docking bay, Kerrigan took on the pincer hybrid alone. This hybrid proved to be much more formidable than the other two and managed to wound Kerrigan. In the middle of the battle, the Raider dropship Fanfare arrived and used its newly-installed weaponry to kill the pincer hybrid. However, the rebels failed to stop Narud from escaping with the artifact.[1]


The six-legged hybrid is described as having "a mutalisk's scythe-arms." Mutalisks possess no such appendages, and this was likely supposed to reference the arms of a hydralisk.


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