Prosser's Well is a town on Raydin III.


The town was built on a colonial grid, making it easy for strangers to find their way around. Its buildings came from an on-site factory deployed at the start of the colony's foundation. As a result, while there were dozens of structural variations, all the city's buildings had the same boxy look. However, over the years, a variety of domes, arched gateways and walled courtyards were added by the colonists and painted different colors, giving the town some character.

In 2488 the Terran Confederacy won a victory over the Kel-Morian Combine, forcing KMC forces to retreat eastwards with Confederate forces in pursuit, the deceased Kel-Morians being left to be buried in a mass grave outside town. Much of the northern part of the town had been destroyed during the fighting but the rest was relatively untouched, including the central business district. Even three days later, the townspeople were celerbrating the Confederate victory. The Confederate forces enforced a blackout, but lacked the numbers to make everyone comply with it.

Loot captured from the Kel-Morians was stored in a warehouse, and a trio of enlisted men – Sergeant Tychus Findlay, Gunnery Sergeant Sims and Master Sergeant Calvin planned on stealing some of the treasure and selling it before it could be appraised. However, the deal fell apart when Findlay was arrested for an unrelated crime.[1]


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