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The Protoss Advance/Experimental (PAX) Facility was based on an isolated frozen planet in the Koprulu Sector. It was connected to the rest of protoss civilization by a stargate.

The membership worked on the boundaries of scientific exploration, going beyond ethical boundaries. Working in isolation, they were shunned by other scientists, and the protoss leaders turned a blind eye to their work as they were useful.

Experiments[edit | edit source]

Gene-Keys[edit | edit source]

PAX scientist Brother Nubas was the subject of a genetic experiment, intending to accelerate protoss genetic potential. The experiment was a failure, causing Nubas to dissolve.

Creep[edit | edit source]

In 2502,[1] PAX conducted an experiment with zerg creep. Gruu and other scientists proposed using a virus to destroy the creep, which would result in the genocide of the zerg.

A creep sample was brought back at a high cost in the lives of zealots, and so a trio of zealots – Akam, Golarath and Ruom – were sent to the facility to independently observe the experiments.

While observing the experimental creep, Golarath and Ruom were "attacked" by it as it quickly grew over them. Before they could be rescued, Golarath severed his nerve appendages and killed himself, while Ruom was rendered catatonic, his mind filled with strange images. Ruom was put into isolation before any other effects could be seen.

Various scientists began experiencing visions and memories of the fallen Nubas, leading to numerous disagreements. Some of the scientists believed that Nubas had experimented on himself, while others believed he had been forcibly experimented upon. Harrum believed that Nubas had only died corporeally, and his spirit was even now haunting the protoss. The Khala had become "foggy".

The facility fell deeper into chaos when Wa'Rak sabotaged the gate, cutting PAX off from the rest of the protoss. Wa'Rak then took a weapon to himself, cutting off his psionic appendages before committing suicide, the latter action caused by guilt over the fate of Nubas. Meanwhile, Harrum had vanished from the Khala.

PAX finally stumbled upon the truth; Ruom had been infested by the mutated creep, which bypassed the usual protection afforded by the fortitude of the Khala. Ruom, who had been "fogging" the Khala and driving the scientists mad, showed himself and attacked, killing some of the protoss. He was eventually destroyed when the last surviving scientist froze the entire facility.

The facility was later discovered by a terran military expedition. The creep, while frozen, was still alive...

Layout[edit | edit source]

PAX as seen from the air

Cells[edit | edit source]

Each scientist had his own cell, serving as living quarters.

Hub[edit | edit source]

The hub was a place of access to PAX's pylon network.

Isolation Units[edit | edit source]

PAX possessed at least six isolation units, used for quarantine and/or incarceration.

Postulatorium[edit | edit source]

The postulatorium was the site of research. It became totally overrun by the creep sample.

Stargate[edit | edit source]

A stargate was present above PAX, linking it with the rest of protoss civilization.

Vivarium[edit | edit source]

The vivarium was an artificial environment containing a variety of flora. It was used as a place of contemplation.

Membership[edit | edit source]

Forthum SC-FL Head1.jpg Gruu SC-FL2 Head1.jpg Harrum SC-FL2 Head1.jpg
Forthum (lead scientist) Gruu Harrum
Jhas SC-FL2 Head1.jpg Wa'Rak SC-FL2 Head1.jpg Nubas SC-FL2 Comic1.jpg
Jhas Wa'Rak Nubas (previously deceased)

References[edit | edit source]

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