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The Protoss Empire[2] was an interstellar empire of protoss throughout the Milky Way, reaching across the Koprulu sector.[3] It was effectively shattered during the Great War.


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The Empire was formed out of the ashes of the Aeon of Strife, the mystic Khas developing a caste system through which protoss society would function. The Judicator Caste would be composed of leaders and statesman, the Templar Caste of warriors and the Khalai Caste of artisans, scientists and builders. Those who refused to conform were banished from Aiur, becoming known as the Dark Templar.[2]

Over the course of a few hundred years, hundreds of worlds were incorporated into the Empire within the protoss's corner of the galaxy.[2] Prior to the arrival of humanity at the galactic fringe, the Empire's territory reached across the Koprulu sector.[4] Under the dictates of the Dae'Uhl, the Empire had a policy of non-interference towards "lesser races," who were unaware of the protoss' existence.[2] When conflict with other species did break out, such as the Kalath Intercession, protoss technology stood triumphant.[5] During this time the protoss developed the Purifiers, a race of robotic templar made to supplement their military ranks, but their rebellion against their creators caused the Protoss Empire to seal them in the vessel Cybros.[6] Their successes led the protoss to consider themselves to be the most powerful species in the galaxy, even the newly arrived terran powers in the Koprulu sector being a shadow of their might.[2] The Empire reached its height long prior to the Great War, in a period that is now referred to as the "Lost Age."[7][8]

Prior to the Great War, the Empire was experiencing a period of growth,[9] though the protoss population was in decline—protoss were passing away due to sheer age.[10] The Empire met its end in the conflict when the Zerg Swarm invaded its capital world of Aiur. Although the protoss stood triumphant at the eleventh hour, it was a hollow victory.[11] With the zerg running rampant across their world and their military might decimated, the protoss were effectively made refugees, fleeing to Shakuras for refuge amongst the Dark Templar.[12] By 2502,[13] this conglomeration of Khalai and Nerazim had been re-organized into the Daelaam.[14]

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