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The protoss tribes were divisions in protoss society. Many tribes existed before or during the Aeon of Strife. During the Strife, only six tribes may have existed.[1] Tribal affiliations were abandoned after the development of the Khala, although their proclivities remained.[2]

As in humans, skin color is considered a sign of ethnicity, with each protoss tribe having a specific subtly differing hue or typical pattern of markings associated with it. While the protoss are no longer a tribal society, the tribal bloodlines still run strong.[3][4]

Khalai Tribes[]

Ara Tribe[]

Main article: Ara Tribe

The Ara Tribe existed during the Aeon of Strife.[1] Khas later made it a collection of his first followers. They became the leaders of the Judicator Caste and the Conclave.[3]

Sargas Tribe[]

Main article: Sargas Tribe

The Sargas Tribe, members of the Templar Caste, existed before the Aeon of Strife.[5] Many members went on to become Dark Templar. Before the Great War, it served the Conclave as enforcers.[3]

Akilae Tribe[]

Main article: Akilae Tribe

The Akilae Tribe existed before the Aeon of Strife.[5] It became a famous warrior tribe during the Aeon of Strife. Following the Strife, it became a Templar Caste tribe.[3]

Furinax Tribe[]

Main article: Furinax Tribe

The Furinax Tribe existed during the Aeon of Strife.[1] They later became weapons crafters, the only members of the Khalai Caste which had interest in combat.[3]

Auriga Tribe[]

Main article: Auriga Tribe

The Auriga Tribe became Aiur's main space power. They became members of the Templar Caste.[3]

Venatir Tribe[]

Main article: Venatir Tribe

The Venatir Tribe, much like the Sargas, tried to break free from the Khala.[3]

Shelak Tribe[]

Main article: Shelak Tribe

The Shelak Tribe was the protoss tribe closest to the xel'naga.[1] They continued to study xel'naga relics after the Strife. They became members of the Judicator Caste.[3]

Velari Tribe[]

Main article: Velari Tribe

This tribe fought in the Fall of Aiur.[6][7]

Nerazim Tribes[]

The Nerazim are split into many clans.[8]


Main article: Boros

The Boros wear heavy armor and flat helms.[8]


Main article: Lenassa

The Lenassa use "wickedly curved" warp blades and wear facial coverings.[8]


Main article: Zer'atai

The Zer'atai hunters wear zerg bones and carry energy scythes.[8]

Lost Tribe[]

Main article: Lost Tribe

The Lost Tribe is an undescribed protoss tribe.[9]


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