These are protoss versus protoss (PvP) strategies used in StarCraft and StarCraft: Brood War matches.

Common Early GameEdit

Building early photon cannons should be avoided to conserve minerals.

2 gatesEdit

Fast expandEdit


Rare Early GameEdit

Common Mid GameEdit

The mid-game comes quickly in PvP. It is imperative to tech up to unlock splash damage attacks to counter dragoons.

Reaver DropEdit

Dark TemplarEdit

The cloaked dark templar are useful for harassing the opponent if they have no photon cannons.

Dark Templar DropEdit

4/5 gateEdit

Rare Mid GameEdit

Zealots and DragoonsEdit

The zealot's Leg Enhancements upgrade is important.

Common Late GameEdit

The late game has a greater emphasis on tech than on the economy. PvP rarely go beyond two or three bases.

Full techEdit

Psionic Storm is the huge equalizer, and this strategy uses mixed troops to cover for high templar and overwhelm the opponent's main force. Zealots, dragoons, archons, observers, and even reavers still.

Rare Late GameEdit

Big AirEdit

Massing carriers and observers.


Stasis Field upgraded.

Dragoon MassEdit

AmmoCounter SC2-WoL CineFireFury1

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