PsiScreen SC-FrntLn3 Art1

A psi-screen worn in wrangler Randall's ear.

Psi-screens are devices that prevent telepaths from reading the wearers' minds and also cancels out a telepath's mind-reading abilities if worn by a telepath. They are frequently used by ghosts and their instructors during training, enabling ghost trainees to concentrate (as they won't be reading minds at the time).[1]

Psi-screens, which are so rare that it was harder to acquire than a nuke from the former Confederate Army, come in various versions, including touch-activated ones (which are lower-quality) while newer ones can be activated without touch. Some psi-screens can produce an effect which inflicts pain on telepaths; these can be used to keep telepaths in line. Higher-ranking people get to wear more powerful devices,[1] and at least some are adjustable.[2]

The device is harmful if worn for more than seven hours, causing memory loss,[1] brain damage and paranoia.[3] The device has a greater effect on the brains of psychics than on non-psychics.[4] Some wearers undergo brain scans to check for damage.[3] Some telepaths sleep with them on to avoid reading others' dreams as they sleep.[2]

Psi-screens are considered extremely expensive.[5][6]


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