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"Magic. Just call it magic. It's totally magic."

- A Dominion marine on psionic powers(src)

The power of psionics

Psionic powers (a.k.a. psychic powers) are the ability of using the mind to induce paranormal phenomena. They are present to various degrees in various species.

The presence of psionic powers within a species is rare, and is dictated by their structural makeup. Even the subtlest of changes to an organism's (or species') genetic code can destroy its psionic potential.[1] Psionic emanations can be lethal to organisms, and are not yet fully understood by terran science.[2]

The presence of psionic powers in a species/individual can cause an individual's eyes to glow. For instance, all protoss eyes glow due to their psionic power, but non-protoss individuals have also demonstrated such traits at times.[3]

Protoss Psionics[]

"Power overwhelming!"

A protoss archon

The protoss are masters of psionic powers and are natural mind-readers.[4] The protoss can use their psionic abilities to shield themselves, charge their tools and weapons, and to materialize, manipulate or meld matter.[5] The species also learned to integrate the power of psionics into their technology, both to amplify the power, such as focusing the energy into a psionic blade, or to allow their technology to perform paranormal effects, such as teleportation through a psionic matrix. A very small number of protoss called preservers have the ability to hold the memories of many other protoss from centuries or millennia ago, even claiming to hold "all the memories of the Protoss".[4] The high templar's powers are so great that they can even focus their psionic energy to create terrible storms of psychic energy that destroy the minds of other living creatures.[6] If two high templar would merge, they would create a creature of pure psionic energy known as an archon, so powerful that they can independently erect a resilient shield and direct psionic shockwaves.[7]

Protoss technology is sophisticated enough to create psionic war machines as well, such as the oracle[8] and mothership core.[9]

The Khala[]

A high templar

Main article: Khala

The Khala is a structured approach to protoss psionics. It was developed near the end of the Aeon of Strife in order to restore the sanity of the protoss.[4]

The Khala grants much control and discipline over psionic power.[10] Being subsumed in the Khala meant a certain loss of self in addition to the gain of the "other". There was a risk the loss could be drastic.[4][10] Most Judicators and Templar subsume themselves into the Khala at least once a day.[10]

Protoss cut off from the Khala are quickly embraced by the Void.[10][11] The drug Sundrop is capable of doing this, at the cost of mental imbalance.[10]

The fortitude of the Khala protects protoss from assimilation by the zerg.[12]

The Void[]

Main article: Void

Powers of the Void

The Dark Templar, also known as the Nerazim, cut themselves off from the Khala in order to maintain their mental independence. The Conclave believed this could create another Aeon of Strife. Lacking the control and discipline of the Khala, some powers, such as psionic storm, ran out of control.[10]

The Void provides the Nerazim with enormously strong individual will[13] and enabled them to learn cloaking powers very quickly.[10]

The Nerazim have no preservers and instead rely on modified khaydarin crystals which they store at the Alys'aril on the sanctuary moon of Ehlna.[14]

The Tal'darim also wield energies from the Void. These powers are enhanced by their exposure to terrazine, which weakens the barrier between material reality and the Void.[15] The Khalai corrupted by Amon appeared to wield similar powers.[16]


Protoss psionics

Hybrid Psionics[]

A hybrid destroyer

Main article: Hybrid

The protoss/zerg hybrids emitted minimal psionic powers while in stasis, the same degree radiated by captured high templar.[18] Once awakened, the hybrids demonstrated startling psionic power.[19]

The hybrid destroyer Maar displayed a wide variety of psionic powers.[20] Other hybrids also displayed great power, including the ability to consume DNA.[19][21]

Similar creatures developed by Ulrezaj demonstrated undefined psionic abilities. Psychics felt disturbed by the power, but could block it out.[10]


Terran Psionics[]

See also: List of terran psychics

A ghost—a common terran psychic warrior

The terrans exhibited a powerful psionic potential and are only a few steps away from developing into a formidable psionic power. Very few terrans can use psionic powers, but most that can become "ghosts."[6] Some weaker psychics can become wranglers, used to hunt other psychics.

Terran children are tested at a young age for psychic potential,[22] and both the Terran Confederacy[23] and Dominion went to great lengths to ensure that all such children joined the Ghost Program.[24] However, a number of psychics slipped through the cracks; this was especially common in the fringe colonies.[25] In spite of their appearance among the population, many terrans did not believe in the existence of psionic powers among terrans, and often ghost agents were dismissed as government propaganda.[4]

Terran psychics can be rated on the Psionic Index scale. A terran with a PI of 2-5 can sense psionic powers but generally cannot use other psychic abilities. Some such psychics are employed by the Ghost Program as wranglers, employed to hunt other psychics.[22] Psychics release alpha waves which can be detected by other psychics.[26] Other such weak psychics have demonstrated abilities such as resisting telepathy.[27] Psychics with a PI of 5-6 are telepathic. Psychics of this level are recruited to become ghosts. Those with a PI of 8 or more have telekinesis.[22] Ghosts generally do not have the ability to block thoughts; ghosts find each other very easy to read.[23] They are also trained from infancy to channel their psionic energies to augment their natural physical strength and endurance.[6]

Non-psychics such as Arcturus Mengsk[26] and Corbin Phash have demonstrated the ability to conceal their thoughts from telepaths. Phash can even think "fake" thoughts that another telepath might detect.[28] However, the technique is not completely reliable.[26][28]

Some psychics have demonstrated telekinetic powers; this requires a Psionic Index rating of at least 8.[22] A few even demonstrate pyrokinesis (the ability to create or manipulate fire with their mind).[28][29] Psionics powers in terrans take time to regenerate when overused. Some protoss researchers have speculated that terran psionic potential could be transferred through bloodlines.[30]

Some electronics, such as the psi-screen, could interfere with terran psionic powers, such as telepathy,[22] while psionic feedback could disrupt terran electronics.[31]

The use/reception of psionic powers for terrans appears to correspond to the parietal lobe. The reactions can be measured through appropriate technology.[3]

Terran Psychic Occupations[]

A spectre


Zerg Psionics[]

The Queen of Blades

The zerg possess a limited degree of psionic powers, as the Overmind once established a psionic link with the xel'naga.[6] The core zerg strains themselves are incapable of major projective psionic abilities,[30] though advanced specialist strains have demonstrated the ability.[30]

All zerg strains possess a degree of telepathy. However, it is different from the communication used by protoss or terrans and as such, it is normally impossible to communicate with most zerg strains.[17] However, prior to her infestation, Sarah Kerrigan demonstrated such an ability.[26]

The zerg are somewhat sensitive to psionics[6] and can sense psi emitters from a great distance, even across worlds.[32] Zerglings can sense the emanations of a powerful psychic at a considerable range.[24]

Additionally, overlords fly using helium-filled gas sacs combined with a weak telekinetic psi-ability for lift and motive power.[33] Changelings can alter their opponents' perceptions with psionics.[34]

In order to gain the upper hand in the war against the protoss, whose powerful psionics were a great threat to the Swarm, the Overmind planned to assimilate the terrans, since their powerful psionic potential would make them able to fight the protoss on their own terms. To date, the only psychic terran that the zerg have been able to acquire and transform into an advanced infested terran is Sarah Kerrigan, a ghost who had been a member of the Sons of Korhal.[35] The Overmind left her with the majority of her spirit, and she retained her intelligence and even some of her humanity.[36] During the Second Great War, her powers increased greatly after exposing herself to the first spawning pool on Zerus.[37][38]

The zerg work hard to maintain psionic traits in species or individuals they assimilate, as the slightest wrong modification can eliminate the traits that allow for psionics. As such, psionic strains assimilated into the Swarm retain the majority of their base traits, such as the overlord, which has very minimal modification from their base species, the Gargantis proximae.[39]

Zerg broodmothers are capable of psionic communication,[40] as well as using stirring their minions into a mass frenzy to push an assault.[41]


The protoss scientific organization, PAX, conducted an experiment with creep and viruses. The resulting creature developed psychic powers, and could even "distort" the Khala (creating hallucinations) and control a unique being.[12]

Queen of Blades abilities[]

The following psionic powers have been demonstrated by the Queen of Blades as a zerg.

Xel'naga Psionics[]

A null zone

The xel'naga maintained purity of form, giving them immense psionic potential. Though they inhabited the Void, the xel'naga showed the ability to psionically transcend the veil between dimensions, and manipulate events across space and time.[42] Xel'naga have also demonstrated the ability to exist psionically, beyond the confines of a material body, and without a host, that psionic presence is forced back into the Void.[43] The xel'naga are also able to inhabit psionic links such as the Khala as they would a host body.[44] Amon also demonstrated the ability to create void shades, and manipulated the structure of the Void as well as its inhabitants.[42] The xel'naga also possess immense martial psionic abilities,[45] and the ability to manifest psionic blades.[46]

The xel'naga were able to maintain a psychic link with the Overmind, before the latter broke it.[6] At least some xel'naga demonstrated a prophecy-like ability.[47]

AlliedCommanders SC2-LotV Art1.jpg

This article or section contains information derived from Co-op Missions, and should not be considered part of the official StarCraft storyline.

The xel'naga were also able to create constructs that could utilize psionic powers, apparently through non-biological means.[48]


Other Species[]

A particularly powerful entity demonstrated the ability to use Void-based powers. Many of its powers had a physical basis as well.[49]

Alavash, a plant, possesses telepathic properties. Protoss can use its nectar to enhance their powers.[50]

Void thrashers were shown to be able to use a Void barrage attack in order to besiege fortifications, as well as a short range psionic lightning attack.[51]

Gargantis proximae had telepathic abilities.[52]


"Aether" may have been used as a synonym for psionic powers during the StarCraft beta.[53]


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