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"And one pure of form—a being capable of vast psionic potential, able to house the essence of a xel'naga."
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A race depicted as having purity of form

Purity of form is a concept first pioneered by the xel'naga,[1] and is defined as the ability for a race to have a great psionic potential.[2] Standing in contrast to purity of essence, the xel'naga applied this concept when choosing a species to uplift to merge with another that possessed purity of essence, in order to rejuvenate their race in their cycle of reproduction.[1] The race with purity of form required the ability to house the essence of a xel'naga.[2]

In what would be the last cycle, it was the protoss that were deemed to have this trait as per their excellent physical traits.[3] Amon and his followers[2] guided their evolution. However, they pushed protoss evolution too quickly, which eventually led to the Aeon of Strife. The xel'naga reflected that they had perhaps marred the purity of their creations, and left the planet.[3] However, the protoss would nonetheless suffice when the time came for them to merge with a species that was said to have purity of essence.[1]

The protoss eventually emerged from their kinstrife and came to terms with their existence. They accepted that their ego had corrupted their racial essence, and that they were indeed a failed creation. However, as that inherent failure was not of their own doing, they were able to look to the future.[3]


Although purity of form is a term typically applied to the protoss, the term actually applies to any sentient race or individual with sufficient psionic potential.[2] Though never explicitly stated, it is implied that this is why Kerrigan (a primal zerg/terran hybrid) was able to ascend and become xel'naga, despite possessing no protoss DNA, when Ouros transferred his essence to her.[4]


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