Qel'Ha was a protoss carrier leaded by Executor Koronis.


For many decades leading up to 2500, Qel'Ha was the flagship of Executor Koronis' and Judicator Amdor's expeditionary force tasked with recovering xel'naga artifacts and capturing Dark Templar.

Following the zerg invasion of Aiur, Qel'Ha led the expedition to Bhekar Ro in response to the signal sent from the recently uncovered xel'naga artifact on that world. An Observer deployed by the ship to locate the artifact was destroyed by the missile turret from Bhekar Ro's terran colony.

Qel'Ha was engaged in space upon the arrival of the zerg Kukulkan Brood and then the Terran Dominion's Alpha Squadron. The carrier's interceptors destroyed the battlecruiser Bismarck and heavily damaged the battlecruiser Napoleon.

Once the artifact's location was determined the carrier deployed ground forces to secure it, and later took part in its defense against the remaining zerg and terran forces. Qel'Ha and its crew were absorbed by the energy creature released from the artifact.

Known members of the Qel'HaEdit


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