Template:Unitboxsmall The Zerg "Queen" (a misnomer, as it does not produce Larvae) is capable of producing biotoxins that have dramatic effects on both Zerg and other lifeforms. There have also been reports of Queens spawning smaller Zerg creatures (Broodlings) by injecting other species with thrown egg clusters. Like the Overlords, the Queens appear to tend to Larvae, and are generally found near the central nest.

A Queen has no physical attack of its own, but it does have the ability to hover through the air at great speeds, allowing it to escape from harm relatively quickly. What makes the Queen a truly deadly Zerg breed are the abilities it has at its disposal including: Ensnare, Spawn Broodling and Parasite.


Infest Command Center

  • Starting Ability
  • Range: 0

If a Terran Command Center has been badly damaged a Queen can break into it and give birth to a strange organism that will wrap its tentacles around the Command Center. The Queen also fills the Command Center with bio-toxins that aid the organism in mutating the crew into Infested Terrans. The end result of this process is called an Infested Command Center.


  • Starting Ability
  • Energy Cost: 75
  • Range: 12

Once the Queen has used parasite on an enemy unit the player can see from the infected unit's eyes. If the unit was a detector the parasite will also see cloaked and burrowed units.


  • Cost: 100\100
  • Researched at: Queen's Nest
  • Energy Cost: 75
  • Range: 9

The queen spits a sticky spider-web like net over a group of enemy units cutting their movement in half, although Queens must be careful that their own zerg do not get caught in this effect.

It also reveals any cloaked units caught in it.

Spawn Broodling

  • Cost: 100\100
  • Researched at: Queen's Nest
  • Energy Cost: 150
  • Range: 9

When a Queen uses its Spawn Broodling ability, the target creature unwillingly fertilizes and serves as the breeding ground for a near instantaneous metabolization and birth of a pair of Broodlings. These Broodlings have a limited lifespan and are weak attackers, however, their mere presence should be a reason to rejoice since in their place an enemy host (hopefully a powerful one) had to die to give birth to them.

Broodlings are born instantly acquiring nearby units for attack and can cause slight damage before they are typically wiped out. In the event that there are no nearby enemies, they await for a command from their Cerebrate, and can be used to scout. Their relatively quick ground speed makes them better suited for this purpose than for an attack. The Broodlings last for approximately 180 seconds before exploding on their own, so it's better to use them to attack or scout than to let them go to waste.


Gamete Meiosis

  • Cost: 150/150
  • Upgraded at: Queen's Nest
  • Gives all Queens 50 more energy points.

Special Unit

A special hero version of Queen, known as the "Matriarch", is available in StarEdit and can be played in UMS maps but is never seen in the campaigns.

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