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"Dominant Alpha Quillgor. Lords over a small pack of lesser Quillgor."

- Quillgor Alpha description(src)

Quillgor alpha are a stronger strain of quillgor and are usually found in the company of their weaker relatives.

Their meat was required to wake Zurvan. Sarah Kerrigan and her Swarm hunted down the quillgor alphas to gather their meat for the task.[1]

Game Unit[]

Upon being killed, quillgor alphas leave a corpse that can be harvested by a drone. Harvesting takes sixty seconds, after which the meat vanishes and the drone automatically carries it to Zurvan to feed him. If the player issues new orders to the drone, the meat is dropped at the point where the orders were given, and a drone must be ordered to pick it up again.

Brakk will regularly send his own forces to kill the quillgor alphas and destroy their carcasses to deny Kerrigan the chance to harvest meat from them. If the carcass is attacked by Brakk's forces continuously for sixty seconds, it will be destroyed. If the player intercepts and kills them before time is up, the carcass remains and can be harvested by a drone.


Its name is similar to the quillboar of the Warcraft series.


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