"Howdy, intrepid spacefarers! This is Radio Liberty with the best in anti-Dominion music, entertainment, and information."

- Radio Liberty blurb(src)

Radio Liberty is an anti-Dominion media group, focused on music, entertainment, and information.[2] It got its name from famous freelance journalist Michael Liberty.[3] They had a partnership with Raynor's Raiders.[4]


Free AirwavesEdit

As part of the group's efforts, an inside source within the Dominion leaked top secret information about the biology of various zerg organisms. The group made the information publicly available and looked forward to sharing more data, provided the informant's cover wasn't blown.[2] The informant came through in this regard, but two of their stations were also shut down by unknown forces.[5] Eventually the informant was discovered and outsted from the Dominion facility he had infiltrated, but was able to smuggle out some encrypted hardware with him, and sent the data to Radio Liberty.[6]

The group later reported on protoss data obtained from a crashed protoss ship.[7] They continued to analyze the drive, but warned their listeners that the next data block could be hard to access. They promised that they were undergoing other initiatives however.[8]

The group was able to use technology gained from the drive to plant a new informant. She transmitted more data on the zerg. However, some of the data was bogus. The group cross-referenced the data with some of their "special contacts." They also suspected that the data banks could have been intentionally corrupted in order to throw the group off.[9] Regardless, their informant later gave them intel on hive-level strains. They hinted at providing further information on protoss forces.[10] It was a hint that they made good on as they set about analyzing a protoss data drive that literally fell out of the sky.[11] Through studying the drive they gained insight into the existence of the Golden Armada.[12]

The Ghost ConspiracyEdit

"For those of you just joining us, UNN has received word that underground media outlet, Radio Liberty is involved in an investigative report on the missing Dominion agents. Allegedly, anonymous sources were able to decrypt a message hidden in an intercepted and highly classified Dominion communique. Is Radio Liberty on to something? Or are they chasing shadows? We'll have more on this story as it develops."

Years after the End War, Universal News Network reported strange happenings at Radio Liberty. All requests for comments by Radio Liberty went unanswered.[1] Radio Liberty began investigating the disappearance of a large number of Terran Dominion ghosts, and uncovered Dominion Intelligence Section orders encoded in seemingly innocent government messages. [13]

The first was in a message from the Central Accounts and Processing Department, which Liberty Radio inquirers discovered did not exist. The message encoded in it read "Scout Location."[13] A second message was uncovered from the fictionalized 502nd Regiment,[14] which was revealed to be hiding the message "Acquire Intel."[13]

However, after announcing these discoveries, Radio Liberty was raided by a group of masked attackers. Two journalists, Archer and Mel, were taken by the attackers.[15] Radio Liberty issued a retraction, stating that all of the information they had uncovered was false and the Dominion organizations they said did not exist were in fact real. However, hidden in the statement was a message asking their readers to email them with the subject "HELP."[3] They responded to those who contacted them with a tip from their informant, Michael Liberty, who gave them a map of a military installation with the instructions "keep your eyes open, because the writing's on the wall." [15] Later, a UNN broadcast showed a number written on a wall, which lead to Michael Liberty. Savvy Radio Liberty listeners contacted Michael Liberty, who granted them access to a secure Defenders of Man database. Together, the listeners broke into the database, and found files on several Dominion ghosts. Finally, they discovered a file showing Nova Terra assassinating undercover Dominion agents.[16]

The listeners gave this information to Radio Liberty, who admitted this was beyond them, and asked that the information be sent to Admiral Matt Horner. Horner thanked them for their contribution, and stated the Dominion would look into it.[17]

After the Defenders of Man Insurgency was resolved and the Defenders of Man defeated, Mel and Archer remained missing.[18]

Known MembersEdit


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