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Rage is a StarCraft 64 scenario map.

Each player controls a beast (a powerful ultralisk or a powerful archon) which they use to attack a terran city. They are given a briefing by an adviser in which they are told that whichever wreaks the most destruction within the time limit wins.

Game Map[]

The beasts face numerous opposing terran computer-controlled players.

Each beast can regenerate during the course of the battle by eating civilians by moving toward one, gaining their hit points. If the beast dies, it transforms into a civilian, and can move back into their power circle in order to transform back into a beast. However, they can be eaten by the other beast in the meantime.

The ultralisk continually spawns scourge (one at a time), giving it a form of anti-air attack.


The archon has 300 health and 200 shields. The ultralisk has 500 hit points and 2 base armor, and the scourge has 700 hit points and does higher than regular damage (capable of one-shotting Wraiths).


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