Commander Rahas is a warrior of the Daelaam. He served in the One-Day War.

Initially, served as second-in-command of the protoss ground operations under Sagaya. After Sagaya died in the battle for the second adostra nest, Rahas was give command of all Daelaam ground operations. He discussed with Colonel Abram Cruikshank the idea of using their forces to buffer the survey team as they moved to the last adostra nest, catching the zerg forces that were converging on the third nest from where the psi emitter was deployed. The plan was approved, and a joint terran-protoss line was set up.

However, on the way to the line Rahas's shuttle crashed, and he was put into medical stasis. However, with the corpse of the devourer on top of the shuttle he could not be moved. Though Cruikshank considered abandoning Rahas and moving the line deeper into broodmother control, he instead made a plan to use terran soldiers to aim the ion cannons of the nearby crashed phoenix to provide cover. The plan worked, and Rahas survived the battle.[1]


Rahas's rank is described as "commander," a traditionally terran rank. It is unknown if this is Rahas's true rank or Cruikshank's approximation of his position.


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