Raynolds was a Terran Dominion chemical biologist working at Garrxax Base on the planet Garrxax. His focus was studying the mucus of the zantar slugs that populated the planet.


Raynolds worked at Garrxax Base as a chemical biologist, and worked with the zantar slugs in the third biodome. He discovered that when the mucus of the zantar slugs and the sap of a specific breed of vines on the planet came together, the result was a massive explosion. Raynolds mused that because of this, the massive tropical storms were the only think keeping Garrxax from burning down. He studied the chemical makeup of the mucus, and the slug's regenerative properties.

In 2501, a zerg behemoth landed on Garrxax. Raynolds attempted to raise Illyana Jorres from the third biodome in order to get some confirmation as to why the sky was suddenly dark, but was cut off by the shockwave of the behemoth landing. The resulting earthquake breached the third biodome, and caused zantar slugs to fall on Raynolds, eating through his coolsuit and killing him. Illyana went to find him after his vitals went dark, but only found a charred corpse.[1]


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