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"Run, think, and shoot."

- Murphy's mantra to recruits.(src)

Gunnery Sergeant Red Murphy of the Confederate Marine Corps served as a training sergeant during the Guild Wars. He was based at Turaxis Prime base, Turaxis II. His training style involved constantly patrolling among the recruits so he could discern any problems. He had a tendency to walk around while eating rations, inspecting bootless marines for blisters and warning that "one grenade would kill them all." These were all traits that Jim Raynor picked up and imitated when he led marines after graduating from training.

Murphy had lost an arm, a leg and an eye in battle. All had been replaced with electro-mechanical devices, rather than the preferred lab-grown limbs. He was considered to be more cyborg than man, and the presence of his implants gave him a grim level of credibility.[1]


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