"The Refinery processes raw Vespene gas, converting it into a form which your SCVs can gather."

- An adjutant(src)

AutomatedRefinery SC2 Rend1

A refinery (automated)

The refinery is a terran structure utilized in the extraction of vespene gas.


The refinery is a somewhat ramshackle[1] and antiquated terran structure, designed to speed up the arduous process of the vespene gas mining on the more desolate terran worlds within the Koprulu sector.[1] Constructed on top of a geyser, the refinery processes the raw gas into a harvestable form[2] and then automatically packages the gas into containers easily transportable by SCVs.[1]

Refineries have a core that, if damaged, can destroy the entire refinery in an explosion.[3]

Dominion Special Forces refineries harvest vespene gas just as fast as regulation refineries, but do so 75% quieter.[4]

Game StructureEdit


SCVs retrieve 8 gas per trip; three SCVs are required for optimal harvesting, assuming that the command center is placed as close as possible to the refinery. SCVs may still retrieve gas from a depleted geyser, but the yield will be greatly reduced (to 2 per trip).

StarCraft IIEdit

Each trip from an individual SCV now yields four units of gas instead of eight. The refinery no longer yields any gas when it is depleted.

Wings of LibertyEdit

In StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty, refineries can be upgraded to automated refineries once the player acquires fifteen protoss research points. Automated refineries cost twice as many minerals and build slower, taking forty-five seconds, but are otherwise identical to the normal refinery in terms of stats.[5]

Upgrades and AbilitiesEdit
BuildingArmor SC2 Game1
Neosteel Armor

Upgrades the armor of structures by 2. Increases the cargo space of bunkers by 2. Also provides extra cargo space for command centers and planetary fortresses.

Purchased from Engineering bay
Hotkey B
Cost 100 Minerals Terran SC1 100 Gas Terran SC1 60Time SC2 Game1

All structures repair themselves to 50% life. All structure fires are automatically put out.

This all-in-one safety system automatically dispatches robotic drones to put out any fires and perform basic repairs on damaged structures. Although these drones are effective at doing basic repairs, they do not have a strong enough AI to perform the more delicate repairs needed to restore a structure past half life.[6]

Campaign Acquisition
Unlock Complete eleven missions.
Acquired from Hyperion armory for $90,000
SC2 Lab MicroFilter Icon
Micro Filtering

Increases the rate SCVs and Automated Refinery harvest vespene gas from refineries by 25% (to 5).

Combining terran and protoss filtering technologies allows our refineries and automated refineries to reclaim a higher amount of vespene gas in its purest form.[5]

Campaign Acquisition
Acquired from Hyperion laboratory for 15 protoss research points
SC2 Lab Auto Refinery Icon
Automated Refinery

Refineries do not need SCVs to operate.[5]

We have adapted protoss warp technology to transport gas canisters straight from the refinery to the command center, eliminating the need for SCVs to carry them back. Why the protoss have never thought to transport vespene in this fashion is a mystery. Perhaps they lack terran creativity and pragmatism, or possibly their primitive superstitions forbid the practice.

Campaign Acquisition
Acquired from Hyperion laboratory for 15 protoss research points

Co-op MissionsEdit

In Co-op Missions Nova can use automated refineries to harvest vespene without workers once she reaches Level 7. Swann can use vespene harvesters to gather gas at a faster rate from his and his ally's vespene geysers.

Alexei Stukov creates infested refineries. They are biological, regenerate 0.2734 health per second and do not burn when damaged, but are otherwise identical to refineries.

Upgrades and AbilitiesEdit
Purchased from Engineering bay
Hotkey B
Cost 150 Minerals Terran SC1 150 Gas Terran SC1 100Time SC2 Game1
SC2 Swann AC - VespeneHarvester
Vespene Harvester

Calls down an automated harvester that gathers extra vespene for you and your ally from any friendly vespene gathering structure.

Cost 100 (basic) Minerals Terran SC1
10 (with full Mastery) Minerals Terran SC1
Campaign Acquisition
Unlock Reach Swann Level 5.
SC2 Nova AC - AutomatedRefineries
Automated Refineries

Nova's refineries upgrade to automated refineries

Campaign Acquisition
Unlock Reach Nova Level 7


Visual development of the refinery for StarCraft II didn't change much over the course of development. The piston and canister collecting arms were difficult to implement, and artwork was redone once, but the design itself remained the same.[7]

The upgrade of the automated refinery was part of the final wave of terran buildings needing cosmetic improvements for the tech purchase feature in the single player campaign of Wings of Liberty. Like the terran mercenary units, the idea was to change about 60% of the model to make it unique, but not so unique that it wouldn't be recognized as a refinery.[8]

Known RefineriesEdit



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