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"You'll need some special upgrades for this. It just so happens that I have been adapting the jump jets for use with our factory vehicles."
"You got to be kidding. That's incredible."
"It's science. Use it well, and we shall find what we're looking for."

- Reigel and Nova Terra(src)

Reigel is a former Terran Dominion scientist and technology specialist. He was assigned to aid Nova Terra against the Defenders of Man insurgency. He has two cybernetic arms.


Early Service[]

"But then I knew him before he was the emperor...when he was the crown prince, and his primary interest was artifacts. I joined his Moebius Foundation dreaming I'd invent things to astound the sector...instead, I destroyed my career."

- Reigel(src)

Reigel was a member of the Moebius Foundation some time before the Second Great War, and personally knew Crown Prince Valerian Mengsk. He abandoned the Foundation before their assimilation into Amon's Forces. The eventual defection of the Moebius Foundation destroyed Reigel's career, and he felt he had nothing left but servitude to Valerian.[2]

The Defenders of Man Insurgency[]

Lost Memories[]

"Your new weapon and technology specialist. He has something for you."

- Valerian introduces Reigel to Nova(src)

Valerian assigns Reigel to Nova

After Nova Terra broke out of a Defenders of Man base and regrouped with Valerian, Reigel was assigned to aid her. He used a device to send a pulse through the neural inhibitor she had in order to restore memories that the Defenders of Man had wiped from her. It was partially successful, as she remembered a destroyed and infested Tarsonis City. Nova and Reigel set out to investigate a Defenders of Man presence there.[3]

Reigel adapted her jump jet technology to her Covert Ops Crew's factory units, impressing Nova. Their squad secured garrisons outside of the Defenders of Man facility as Nova infiltrated the base. Reigel guided her to a communications terminal, where she discovered the Defenders of Man knew she was in the base and was preparing to purge it. Nova moved in further, discovering a psi emitter in the base.[4] After she moved into the command room, Nova relayed to Reigel that the Defenders of Man were using psi emitters to lure feral zerg to civilian worlds, and they were planning to attack Tyrador IX in order to discredit Valerian.[5]

Alliances and Manipulations[]

"Nova. We have a guest. Ahem. May I introduce Alarak, Highlord of the Tal'darim."
"Hmph. For creatures with such short life spans, you terrans are always so eager to die."

- Reigel introduces Alarak(src)

Nova and Reigel observe the situation on Tyrador IX

Nova and Reigel arrived on Tyrador IX, and Reigel noted the high casualties and overwhelmed Dominion personnel, as well as the Defenders of Man fleet arriving to aid civilians.[6] Nova deployed to the surface to thin the zerg hatcheries around the city of Elsecaro while Reigel set up a base of operations. He noted a strange warp signature he thought was zerg reinforcements, however it ended up being the Tal'darim Death Fleet under First Ascendant Ji'nara. They deployed a mothership, and set up shield projectors to defend it. Reigel noted that though they would destroy the Defenders, civilians would be harmed in the process. Reigel also requested that, if time permitted, Nova clear out the last few zerg hatcheries to collect some samples as they possessed an interesting mutation. He also asked her to investigate an usual energy reading coming from an island near the Tal'darim. Nova was able to destroy the shield projectors and the mothership, allowing the Defenders to rally and defeat the last of the feral zerg. Though Nova was upset that the Defenders of Man would take credit for the defense, Reigel stated he would inform the Emperor of their actions.[7]

Alarak meeting with Nova and Reigel

Aboard the Griffin, Nova was met by Highlord Alarak. Nova raised her gun against him, but Reigel stopped her, stating he was a guest. The two made a bargain, as the Defenders of Man had attacked a remote Tal'darim outpost and then scurried away before the Death Fleet could retaliate, and he vowed retribution for it.. Alarak would guide Nova to a source of terrazine to restore her memories, and then Nova would guide Alarak to the Defenders of Man. She agreed, and he guided her to Jarban Minor.[8]

On Jarban Minor, Reigel noted the extraction devices that gathered terrazine from the local Jarban gliders. Reigel also noted a cave system and science facility that may contain valuable Umojan technology. Reigel also noted the Tal'darim presence under Ji'nara, and speculated that Alarak deployed her to cull his forces of weakness. Nova was able to retrieve the terrazine and leave the planet.[9]

Nova and Reigel arrive at Antiga Prime

On the Griffin, Reigel set up microdoses of terrazine in order to mitigate the side effects of the gas. She took a dose, and recovered a memory of being briefed on a mission to Antiga Prime.[10] Nova and Reigel arrived there, and Reigel set up a base for her as she tried to recover her memories while fighting the feral zerg that had overrun the planet. Reigel noted that if the zerg structures in the area were destroyed it would limit what breeds the zerg could send against her. Reigel also noted a subway system that could be cleared to transport her forces around the city, as well as a plasma weapon being stored in the city docks. Nova recovered the mission files from her operation there, as well as memories of her time there and of the Defenders of Man leader, General Carolina Davis.[11] Reigel and Nova took this information to Valerian.[12]

Broken Alliances[]

Nova and Reigel hearing Valerian's plan

After Valerian announced his plans to Davis to step down from the Dominion, Reigel played as intelligence for Nova while she attempted to infiltrate Davis's compound. He moved weapons caches into the base, allowing Nova to resupply if need be. He watched as Nova infiltrated through the sewer system, and noted a visor being tested inside the sewers. When Nova escaped the sewers and infiltrated the base, Reigel pointed out the location of the two security rooms that locked Davis's door. In addition, he discovered two experimental technologies within the base that Nova could capture. When Nova found her old comrades Pierce and Delta Emblock in holding pens, Reigel stated he would send a security team for them. Later, Nova fought her former squadmate Stone, and after incapacitating him Nova told Reigel to send a team for him.[13]

Nova captured Davis and brought her before Valerian as he made his speech to the people of Vardona. However, the Tal'darim attacked the city, hoping to exact their revenge on Davis. Reigel helped coordinate the efforts of the Dominion and Defenders of Man lower ranking members as they defended the city, and asked Nova to defend a science facility in the center of the city on the verge of a breakthrough. The Dominion was able to successfully repel Alarak's fleets, but Reigel discovered Davis escaped aboard the Medusa.[14]

Soon after, Valerian ordered Nova to capture Davis alive. Nova disagreed, but Reigel stated that they had their orders. Reigel traced Davis to the Cerros Shipyards,[15] where she and her remaining loyalists established a base and activated the Xanthos, an experimental war machine that Reigel had knowledge of. She sought to use it to destroy the Gorgon-class battlecruisers docked in the shipyards. He gave Nova a plan of attack; though they could not destroy the Xanthos while it was activated, they could destroy its weapons, and it was vulerable while it was repaired. However, when Nova and Admiral Matt Horner assaulted the Xanthos, it revealed a transformation mode even Reigel had no knowledge of, which a large thermal laser. The machine was destroyed nonetheless, and Nova infiltrated the machine. However, much to Reigel's horror, Nova defied orders and killed Davis.[16]

Charting a new course

Reigel later found Nova hiding on the Griffin, where he opened up about his past in the Moebius Foundation, and how what they were doing was his only life now. He stated that he and the crew were loyal to her above all, and they would follow her wherever she went. Nova stated that the Dominion would always need protection, and they would do so in their own way without Dominion command. With that, Reigel, now a vigilante and a fugitive, walked to the bridge with Nova and activated the Griffin's warp.[2]

Waking Dreams[]

In the aftermath of the Insurgency, Reigel had Stone, Delta and Pierce extracted aboard the Griffin, where he gave them the option of keeping their memories or having them wiped. Pierce decided to maintain his memories, while Delta opted to have her memories of her working for the Defenders wiped. However, Stone would likely prove to be more stubborn, so Nova opted to try to help him work through his false memories.

Reigel strapped Stone down, and talked with Stone as he woke up, bringing him up to speed on the end of the Insurgency, and telling him that his memories were modified, but told him that they would not wipe his memories. Stone was convinced they were lying to him, and when Reigel left, he escaped confinement. After trying to sneak through the ship, he was found by Delta, who informed Reigel. Reigel sent out an alert that he would decompress the decks that Stone was on, forcing him to find a skinsuit to survive. The warning was a bluff however, and no decompression happened. Stone would eventually be cornered by Nova, who convinced him his memories had been falsified by the Defenders, and that he could choose his own path.

Stone opted to have his neural inhibitor removed, and Reigel performed the operation, noting that Stone had an older model inhibitor in his head. Stone decided that he would go on his own in order to find himself.[17]

Shadow Wars[]

"Calm down. I am here to make a deal. Which you need, given how the last one went..."

- Reigel(src)

Reigel at Last Junction

After breaking from the Dominion, Nova prioritized hunting down jorium stockpiles, often to the exclusion of operations against criminal and raider groups. This brought the ire of Reigel, who thought Nova's self-appointed mission regarding jorium was clouding her judgement, though Nova insisted it would save thousands of lives.[18]

Reigel and Nova later visited Last Junction, seeking out renegade Dominion marines and a mercenary named Elms. Elms, who had just killed the infested terran Gary, reacted with shock when Reigel appeared, but he told her to calm down, as he and Nova wished to buy her jorium. Reigel walked with her to her ship, and Nova appeared to the group, saying she wished to buy their stockpile of the mineral.[19] After Nova diffused the crew's violent outburst, Reigel presented the three mercenaries with datapads showing their shell accounts, each with a third of their cut of the sale. Reigel and his crew then took the jorium and departed.[20]

When the three approached again to ask for aid in killing the corrupt Captain Hogarth, Nova agreed. Though Reigel protested, he accepted helping them by monitoring the communications of his base on Aspar. The group was able to assassinate Hogarth, though in the aftermath, Elms said she and her crew wished to go their own way, though they may contact them in the future. As they left, Reigel told Nova to not be upset as that Elms was not that promising. When he told her that the recruitment was a failure, Nova told him "not everything is as it seems."[21]

Nature of the Beast[]

"This hunt of yours has become an obsession. It's clouding your judgment. Valerian trusted you to do the right thing."
"And I intend to. In my own way. If that's a problem, no-one's forcing you to stay."

- Reigel and Nova on Tartarus(src)

Reigel and Nova above Tartarus

Reigel and Nova sent their forces to investigate the planet Tartarus, known to hold secrets from the regime of Arcturus Mengsk as well as a massive jorium stockpile, and they prepared to investigate the planet's surface. While the Griffin was cloaked in orbit, Reigel noticed an escape pod containing Donny Vermillion plummeting toward the planet's surface.[22]

Reigel accompanied Nova to the surface, and the two discussed Vermillion. Reigel wanted to save him, but Nova said they had a mission, and that his propgaganda had cost lives. Reigel insisted that they did not need more blood on their hands, and Nova reluctantly agreed.

Reigel and Nova investigate Tartarus

The two went off to hunt for him, Nova saving him from being killed by a hydralisk in an alley. Meanwhile, Reigel rescued two civilians nearby, Dr. Evelyn Yoo and her son Jun-Ho Yoo. Nova questioned Evelyn, discovering that the zerg attacked a month ago, and she worked at the jorium refinery they sought. Nova told her she'd get her off the surface if Evelyn guided her to the refinery. This upset Reigel, who took her aside, and told her she was using civilians for her own gain, and that her quest for jorium was blinding her. Nova stated her mission would save thousands, and that if he did not want to follow her he did not have to. This upset Reigel, who stated he had sacerficed so much for her, but he reluctantly agreed to go along with the plan.

With Reigel's grudging approval, Nova told the group they would move on the refinery at dawn.[18] After a night's rest, the group moved on the refinery, with Reigel protesting to Nova that they were bringing civilians in, but Nova insisted something deeper was going on. They went down a cavern that the zerg had tunneled out of, and entered the base of the refinery, only to find it was a training area. While Nova and Evelyn argued, Vermillion opened a door that let loose a zerg queen. Reigel and the group retreated behind another door Evelyn unlocked, only to discover contained a number of pods containing in-stasis spectres.[23]

Personality and Traits[]

Reigel is an intelligent weapons specialist, able to take different technologies found in the field and create powerful tools out of them. He is conceited, and a bit arrogant, but able to show remorse and pity when the situation calls for it.[11] Reigel always dreamed of impressing the sector with his inventions. In spite of his loyalties to Valerian, Reigel cares about doing the right thing and being able to take action, shown when he finally abandoned Valerian and the Dominion to work for Nova. The destruction of his career after the fall of the Moebius Foundation was very hard on him.[2]

AlliedCommanders SC2-LotV Art1.jpg

This article or section contains information derived from Co-op Missions, and should not be considered part of the official StarCraft storyline.

According to his former colleagues at the Moebius Foundation, Reigel always seemed to know more than he let on.[24]


The original Reigel image

  • A promotional image for Reigel prior to the release of Nova Covert Ops depicted him with an eye-patch and different facial structure.[25]
  • Reigel's cutscene model was designed by Troy Perry. Concepts exist for different colors for his cybernetic arms, including blue, black, and red.[26]


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