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Fans of the StarCraft series can watch replays of games.


StarCraft enables the player to record a game and save it as a replay, which can then be viewed with any other copy of StarCraft, displaying the entire course of the game. With StarCraft: Remastered replay functionality has been added into the client itself, and can be loaded up if a map from the "replay" folder is selected as a map.

Before StarCraft Remastered players had to upload replays to websites that host replays of players with different skill levels (e.g., though pro-level replays are relatively rarely released, for reasons of team secrecy and pro-league policy.

The RWAtools were a set of freeware tools, that create valid replay files, additionally containing an Ogg audio stream. They allow gamers to comment their own games while they play them and comment replays of other players. During replay the commentary is kept in sync with the game.

Replay Commands[]

In StarCraft, viewers have access to a set of commands, entered as such: /replay show [command]. For instance, to show the total unit score, type /replay show score units.

The viewer can show the number of kills (total and categorized), amount of resources (total and by type), total and subscores and hide the leaderboard.[1][2]

StarCraft II[]

Replays are available in StarCraft II as well, for both singleplayer and multiplayer games.[3]

As of Heart of the Swarm, replay features include Start From Replay and the ability for multiple players to watch a replay together.[4]

Multiplayer games and replays include menus, leaderboards and overlays displaying statistics.[5][6][7] StarCraft II features seven observer modes:

  • None (no menus)[8]
  • Resources (gathered resources and supply count)[8]
  • Spending (on economy, tech and units)[8][3]
  • Unit (number of units)[8]
  • Production (units and buildings being created)[8]
  • Army (resources spent on the army)[8]
  • APM.[8][9]

These are available in "real time".[10]

At the end of the game, build orders, an army graph showing the size of the army over time and a resource graph showing income over time can be displayed.[3]

In Observer Mode, a viewer can watch in the "old style" or in a newer "first person view" in which they see the camera view, selections and commands issued from the player's viewpoint.[11] An observer won't be able to see the actual mouse clicks, however.[12]

An observer can rewind instantly to any specific point in the replay. To jump forward in the replay, the replay must have already been played.[12]

During replays, observers can spot damaged units more easily (the selection circles will change color when units are heavily damaged).[3]

When StarCraft II is patched, it will not prevent players from viewing replays.[13][14]

Replay files are small, only a few hundred kilobytes for a "long" match, since additional information such as artwork, models and maps don't need to be stored in the replay file.[15]

On a PC, they are stored in My Documents/StarCraft II.

As of patch 2.0.8, more information is included in replays. The Army graph includes shading to indicate when combats took place and how many resources were lost during the battle, an improved economic chart indicates exactly when resources were unspent, and a faster extraction of data to replays.[16]


There is an achievement called "Play Replay" awarded for watching a replay.

PlayReplay SC2 Icon1 Play Replay

10 Achievement SC2 Game1


Watch any replay.


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