"An ordinary cardboard box. According to its label, there might be a snake inside. Probably best to leave it alone."

- Unit Description(src)

Reptile crate is a critter that was introduced in Nova Covert Ops. It appears on the map The Escape and the multiplayer map Defenders Landing, and is part of the space tileset. It appears as a cardboard box with a cobra on its top, as well as Raynor's Raiders propaganda on the side.[1]


Raynor'sRaiders SC2-LotV Art1

Raynor's Raiders concept art on the side of the box

  • The box is likely a reference to the cardboard box from the Metal Gear series of video games.
  • In "The Escape", if the reptile box at the start of the level comes in contact with any of the line of sight cones of the Defenders of Man forces, the Metal Gear Solid detected sound will play.
  • On the side of the box is worn concept art of a Raynor's Raiders bikini girl shown during the Wings of Liberty campaign.[2]


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