"Press them out of the resoc tanks like so many gingerbread men, wind 'em up and send 'em off to die!"

- Lieutenant L. Z. Breanne(src)

ColeHickson SC-Com6 Comic2

Cole Hickson within a resoc tank

Resocialization tanks are a form of terran technology that allows neural resocialization to be carried out. As of the late 25th century, it appears to have been a relatively new form of technology, more sophisticated than standard "resoc."

Technical DetailsEdit

Resocialization tanks are man-sized tubes which are installed in rows in the interior of barracks, each filled with a blue-green colored water. The subject is given a breathing apparatus and headpiece and is placed inside the tank. An electrical charge is then sent through the headpiece.

The electricity tampers with the brain (specifically the memory cells) that involves the detachment and suppression of old memories and the layering of new ones. This allows for memories to be altered in such a way that the individual's beliefs will allow him/her to serve his/her superiors better, both in terms of motives and ability, training being granted via memory overlay.

The drawback of the technology is that it leaves the individual disoriented for a few hours, along with the physical residue of electric shock treatment.[1]

The tanks are generally not as invasive of a subject as "hands-on" resocialization[2] but as of 2502 was used for an experimental form of "subconscious" resocialization.[3]


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