Retaliation is the fourth stage of the StarCraft II Tutorial. It teaches the basic concepts behind playing the protoss race.


The last distress signal of the 21st Assault Division was picked up by a passing Daelaam executor, who mobilized to assess the zerg threat to Taurus IV. He arrived with a handful of stalkers, who discovered the remains of the 21st's base, which had been infested. The stalkers destroyed the base, but found an overwhelming zerg presence on the world. The stalkers moved back to a protoss base, which they were able to reactivate. Reinforcing their warriors, the executor held against the zerg, allowing time for the Golden Armada to arrive.

The Golden Armada warped away all protoss ground forces, then unleashed an orbital bombardment on the zerg hive. The hive cluster and all zerg forces surrounding it were annihilated.


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