"The asteroid field is highly volatile and guards the base's outer rim. The Spear of Adun will not be able to pass."
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Revanscar is an asteroid field formed from the debris of the planet Revan II. It housed a Moebius Foundation facility that was guarded by Moebius Corps. After the rise of Amon, it came under Moebius Corps control and became the prime breeding ground of Amon's hybrid.


Before the ConflictEdit

Before the End War, Revanscar served as a Moebius Foundation research facility. It was a series of asteroids connected by metal platforms, and the platforms were sustained by three power cores. Moebius ships were programmed with a specific flight path to navigate the field.

After a nearly failed operation on Beta Saul, during which Moebius Corps's Brute Squad managed to retrieve an artifact, Brute Squad was assigned guard duty for the facility's Sector Six. Slowly however the facility staff began to go mad as the hybrid they were breeding began to control them. Brute Squad attempted to kill it, but were eventually controlled by the creature as well.[1]

End WarEdit

During the End War, Revanscar served as both the primary base of operations for Moebius Corps and the primary hybrid breeding facility for Amon's army. Its location was eventually discovered by Matriarch Vorazun's dark templar. Hierarch Artanis eventually set about to destroy the facility to pick away at Amon's forces.

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Assault on Revanscar

The Daelaam arrived, but the size of the Spear of Adun prevented it from navigating the asteroid field. The Daelaam sent out a fleet of carriers to navigate the asteroid field, but the Spear of Adun was ambushed by Moebius Corps battlecruisers. Moebius troops and hybrid pierced the arkship's defenses and boarded the vessel. While Artanis and the other templar dealt with the intruders, Phase-smith Karax commanded the attack on the installation, destroying the three power cores and destabilizing the asteroids and platforms. The Spear of Adun fired upon the facility, destroying it.[2]


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