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Revolution Overdrive: Songs of Liberty is a music collection which exists in the StarCraft universe and is available for sale through iTunes as well.


The album, given its name, has subversive and revolutionary overtones, and thus was banned by the Terran Dominion. It is often played in a jukebox originally found in Joeyray's Bar and now the cantina of the Hyperion, headquarters of Raynor's Raiders.

"Gunpowder. Sweat. Stale beer. Smoke. Broken Dreams. Blood. Whiskey. Blind hatred. These are the acrid smells of Joeyray's, a little known, locals-only pub far off the beaten track in one of Mar Sara's most arid and disreputable districts. Rumoured to be the unofficial headquarters of infamous rebel Jim Raynor's uprising against all things Dominion, Joeyray's stands as a tribute to all those who walk tall in the face of tyranny, all those who oppose "our most beloved leader", A. Mengsk!

Joeyray’s is also known among music circles as the home of one of the finest examples extant of that most rebellious of devices, the “Jukebox”. JR’s juke is rumoured to be loaded with the hottest, most subversive platters in the Koprulu Sector. As a music lover and critic, I had to make the pilgrimage. One late afternoon last fall, I screwed up my courage, adjusted my beret, and hailed the dingiest, most disreputable cab I could find…

My smelly cabbie dropped me in front of a grey-brick construct somewhere in the back end of nowhere, roaring off in a cloud of choking red-orange dust with a cackle and a wave. Standing alone outside the swinging saloon doors, it was either man up and stroll on in, or walk the 30 clicks back in the deepening gloom with the tumbleweeds, coyotes, and Mengsk-knows what else. Then I heard it – the sweet sounds of Liberty wafting out on the blistering breeze, barely heard over the grunts, shouts, and shattering glass from the denizens within. I stood transfixed, rooted to the spot by the galaxy’s most brilliantly subversive tracks: Big Tuna, The Dirty Knobs, The Blasters, White Boy James, The Bourbon Cowboys, Brian. A Bode, Romeo Delta, The Terran Band, LVL80ETC- all the voices of a generation, all banned by the Dominion. I squared my shoulders, set my beret at a jaunty angle, and walked tall through those swinging doors.

15 minutes later, as I limped the 30 clicks home, my briefs literally pulled over my head, I ruminated on the anomaly that is Joeyray’s. Nursing my split lip while trying futilely to extricate my beret, I thought about the good, quality time I had spent with that crew, the salt of the earth, my brethren, the Dominion’s Most Wanted. I know I’ll be back tomorrow to soak in the heady atmosphere of brewing rebellion and cheap whiskey, to participate in the liberal and enlightened discourse of the barroom, and have my shorts pulled over my head in another brotherly and loving prank…Those freedom-loving tricksters! Viva la Revolution!

-Humbert H. Art and Music Critic

Mar Saran Evening Gazette"

- Humbert H. critiques the album(src)

Real WorldEdit

Composed by Matt Samia and others, the album went on sale October 26, 2010. It contains 14 tracks.


  1. "Jem's Tune". Composed by Matt Samia, Performed by Big Tuna
  2. "Suspicious Minds" Composed by Mark James, Performed by Bourbon Cowboys & Chris Metzen (Elvis Presley)
  3. "A Zerg, A Shotgun and You" Composed by Anthony Theisen, James Page, John Denton, Performed by White Boy James & The Blues Express
  4. "Most Wanted" Composed by Glenn Stafford, Performed by StarCraft Terran Band (not on the jukebox)
  5. "Dim Lights, Thick Smoke and Loud, Loud Music" Composed by Joe Maphis, Max M. Fidler, Rose Lee Maphis, Performed by Big Tuna
  6. "Raw Power" Iggy Pop and James Williamson, Performed by Romeo Delta (The Stooges)
  7. "Free Bird" Composed by Allen Collins, Ronnie Van Zant, Performed by The Blasters (Lynyrd Skynyrd)
  8. "An American Trilogy" Composed by Mickey Newbury, Performed by Brian Bode
  9. "Rumble" Composed by Link Wray, Milton Grant, Performed by Mike Campbell and the Dirty Knobs
  10. "Excuse Me for Scribbling" Composed by James Page, Performed by White Boy James & The Blues Express
  11. "Blood and Glory" Composed by Glenn Stafford, Performed by StarCraft Terran Band (not on the jukebox)
  12. "Suspicious Minds" (Black Label) Composed by Mark James, Performed by Bourbon Cowboys & Chris Metzen (Elvis Presley) (this version not on the jukebox)
  13. "Sweet Home Alabama" Composed by Edward C. King, Gary Robert Rossington, Ronnie Van Zant, Performed by Big Tuna (Lynyrd Skynyrd)
  14. "Terran Up the Night" Composed and Performed by Level 80 Elite Tauren Chieftain


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