Rho Squadron (a.k.a. "Rho Squad") was a Dominion Marine Corps unit. It was small in size—small enough that all of its members could fit inside a single barracks.

The unit saw action against the zerg during the Brood War, but was ultimately wiped out on Urona Sigma.


Rho Squadron was formed from various recruits, criminals, volunteers and former Confederate marines of the Terran Dominion. They served during the Brood War in 2500, and saw a variety of different planets and fronts.

The squad was involved in a bar fight on Bacchus Moon in the Cat House Bar when a private from Alpha Squadron called the resocialized memories of Albee fake. Albee punched the man and a fight broke out. The squad were later transferred on leave to Nephor II, where a woman recognized Albee as "The Butcher of Pridewater" from his time before being resocialized.

The squad was later deployed to Anselm, and was ordered defend the communications replay of Lawndale 12. Zerglings attempted to swarm their position in what would be known as the Battle of Lawndale 12, but were outnumbered. They managed to get into the trenched Rho Squadron had dug, and one of them managed to get into melee with and kill Irmscher.

After that, the squad was deployed in the Battle of Asteria to purge a hive in the Long Shadow canyons. They advanced with support from siege tanks and goliaths, with Albee taking the lead. However, a group of zerglings came up from under the ground and swarmed Albee, leaving nothing but a smear on the creep.

The squadron moved to Seti, and stayed on the base there. When the base's sensor tower failed, zerglings managed to get into the barracks. Dave, hung over from drinking Scotty Bolger's Old No. 8 Whiskey, did not wake up in time, and a zergling killed him in his bunk. Virgil and Birch managed to kill the zergling, but Dave was long dead.

On Urona Sigma, the squad's base was overrun by a massive swarm of zerglings. Virgil called for evac, but Birch refused to retreat, and was killed when the zerg tide washed over him. Virgil was the only member of the squad to make it on the dropship; the rest of Rho Squadron were consumed by the zergling horde. Virgil would go on to try to live a normal life, but kept memorandums of each of his dead squadmates.[1]

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