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Richard was a Terran Dominion colonel based at Meteor Station, a Kel-Morian Combine mining town. He struck up a relationship with Starry Lace, a lounge singer.


Richard had been sent to Meteor Station to buy a xel'naga artifact recently unearthed by the Combine. However, the Kel-Morians were charging more credits than he was authorized to spend, and he feared being sent away from Meteor Station and Starry Lace for his failure. He had trouble even finding out who his Kel-Morian contact was, as they were new.

Richard was supposed to keep this a secret, but he told his girlfriend Lace, as she was good at "keeping [her] mouth shut." While he was away on a supply run, Lace, who had discovered his contact was a Kel-Morian diplomat named Ulrik, seduced him and got information out of him. She later sought out Richard, arranging a secret meeting with him and Ulrik. She insisted he come by himself.

Richard and Ulrik conducted the trade, but Richard was suspicious of Lace, especially when the zerg immediately arrived, cut off one of Richard's arms and stole the artifact. Blaming Lace for the attack, he threatened to shoot her in the face, but Ulrik interfered, so Richard shot him in the shoulder. He tried to kill Lace again, only to be impaled by a hydralisk.[2]


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