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Richard A. Knaak is a New York Times best-selling author of fantasy novels.


Knaak attended the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, studying rhetoric, and earned a bachelor's degree.

After reading Andre Norton's Storm over Warlock, he eventually sold his first short story in 1986, and it was published in 1987. He has listed several of his influences, and even a few of his favorite fellow authors, those being Edgar Allan Poe, Robert E. Howard, Glen Cook, L. Sprague de Camp, Lawrence Watt-Evans, Harry Turtledove, Jennifer Roberson, Laurell K. Hamilton, Harry Harrison, and Robert Sawyer.

He splits living in Illinois and Arkansas.


Knaak is the author of Thundergod, a story in Volume 1 of the StarCraft: Frontline graphic novel series. It is a "bit longer" than some of his other works.[1] It appears that he will be writing a continuation of the storyline.[2]

Knaak has also written extensively for StarCraft’s counterpart series of Warcraft and Diablo, along with writing novels for Dragonlance and his own creation: Dragonrealm.


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