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Richards is a marine in the Dominion Marine Corps of the Terran Dominion.

Richards served aboard the Cyrus, which had suffered heavy tear since it was disgraced at the Fall of Tarsonis. In 2501, the Cyrus was assigned to transport a group of ghost trainees to the Baker's Dozen for a training operation. However, they were diverted when they received a distress call from a holdout of Confederate Old Families on Shi.

Richards was assigned with the team of marines to secure Drill Site #3, and they were successful in warding off the zerg. However, the Cyrus was shot down by spore cannons. The marines pushed back to the wreckage of the ship with a group of ghosts, as Lio Travski attempted to repair it. Richards and Archer were ordered to secure the aft sections of the ship.

Due to Travski's technomancy, the ship was made spaceworthy, and the marines and ghosts were able to escape the Shi.


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