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Rifts to Korhal is a Co-op Missions scenario in Legacy of the Void.[1] The map is taken from the Heart of the Swarm campaign mission The Reckoning, but the missions objectives are different.[2]


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This article or section contains information derived from Co-op Missions, and should not be considered part of the official StarCraft storyline.

During the End War, Amon began to deploy Void Shards outside of Korhal Palace, capable of untold devastation should they activate. Corporal Faraday tasked allied forces to break through Amon's defenses and destroy the shards before they could activate. While the battle was raging, Kimeran Pirates began to pillage the Augustgrad Bullion Depository using two pirate capital ships. Faraday asked the allied commanders to dispatch them.[1]


The players spawn in the southwestern corner of the map. Expansions are located north and east; the eastern expansion is wide open to attack, but the northern expansion is on high ground and has a defensible ramp. In this mission, void shards will steadily spawn across the map, and must be destroyed before they activate. Failure to destroy the void shards before time runs out results in failure.

Unlike other maps, the enemy will send its first wave to attack you and your teammate very early into the mission, at approximately 2:00 in. Players are advised not to build too greedily and to quickly rush static defenses and/or units to hold off the initial attack.

The first void shard spawns at approximately 4:30 into the mission, at which time the players have several minutes to destroy it. Each time a current round of void shards is destroyed, the spawning locations of more are marked on the map, and time is added to the timer until their activation. Each series of void shards is located behind increasingly heavily entrenched enemy forces. At the final four shards, depending on difficulty, a leviathan, mothership, or loki may be among the defenders.

As bonus objectives, pirate capital ships will spawn on the map and can be destroyed for additional experience. The first ship spawns north of the eastern expansion, and is in wide open territory. The second ship spawns in the south-eastern corner of the map, behind an enemy position. Each time the pirate ship spawns, the players have a time limit within which to destroy them before they flee.


Initial minimap vs Terran

The following mutators have been applied to "Rifts to Korhal."


In early versions of the map, void rifts would spawn instead of void shards. These rifts would spawn hybrid periodically until they were destroyed.[3]


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On the northwest and northeastern part of the map, there are two protoss vent access shafts that can be destroyed, but otherwise do not do anything. There is also an unpowered obelisk in the northwestern corner of the map that cannot be repowered.


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