Rihod was a high templar. He became part of the first twilight archon.


Rihod once attended the Velari Templar School, learning alongside Lekila, for a hundred years, leaving in approximately 2100 (four hundred years before the Fall of Aiur). Unlike Lekila however, who rose to become the head teacher, Rihod was stationed on a mothership situated above the world of a race of primitive aliens under the protection of the Dae'Uhl. His forces secretly helped them after their world was struck by tectonic events.

The mission was interrupted by the Fall of Aiur. Rihod ordered his forces to travel through a warp gate to Aiur, primarily motivated by a desire to rescue Lekila, but as they approached, he heard news of the evacuation, so he decided not to risk the mothership. Instead, he would take a shuttle down to the surface. He found Lekila, whose psionic appendages had been severed by the zerg, trying to kill herself with psionic storms in her grief.

As Lekila healed on Shakuras, in the care of Tyrak, a Dark Templar, Rihod attempted to provide emotional support. However, Lekila could not enter the Khala and had trouble overcoming her despair.

TwilightArchon Frontline

Lekila and Rihod merged into a twilight archon.

Rihod and Lekila were both assigned to recover the Kassia crystal, a xel'naga artifact capable of altering reproduction rates, from the Velari Templar School catacombs. Lekila was the only living templar to know how to navigate the ever-shifting catacombs. A ship commanded by a Dark Templar brought them to Aiur. Along with a force of templar, the two fought their way past zerg in an effort to find the crystal. However, the task was long, giving the zerg the advantage; they put the ship under siege. If the zerg got hold of the crystal, it could be disastrous for the protoss species.

Rihod and Lekila combined into a twilight archon, giving them the power to teleport the crystal directly into the ship as they destroyed numerous zerg. The ship escaped with the crystal.[1]


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