Rindge is a Terran Dominion military officer. He had a very poor relationship with Sergeant Isaac White.[1]


Rindge was promoted to company commander after his predecessor, Commander Zeke Turner, was murdered in 2503. He "inherited" command of First Sergeant Isaac White, a marauder and bomb disarmament specialist who had fallen into disgrace after falling for a Kel-Morian Combine trick during the Guild Wars. Rindge hated White, who had similar feelings for him.[1]

The Raid on ChanukEdit

In February 2504 Rindge's battlecruiser, the Tahoe, had finished a mission and was scheduled to drop off troops such as Sergeant White for some R&R. However, the upcoming rest was canceled. Rindge ordered White and the rest of the troops to report to Chanuk, a moon with high-yield mineral deposits. The miners, members of the Kel-Morian Combine, had been attacked by rebel pirates calling themselves the Players' Club. These rebels had also caused problems for the Dominion, explaining their support, although Rindge didn't bother explaining this to White right away.

White engaged the Players' Club leader, "Smokin' Joe", in combat. The duel was effectively a draw. White ended up injured in a damaged elevator, but the Dominion troops won a substantial victory over the Players' Club. As White lay unconscious, Rindge ordered his troops to abandon the battle.

However, the miners noted a strange countdown, and believed the Players' Club were going to blow up the mining zone. When White awoke, he reported the same thing to Rindge. Commander Rindge had no intention of continuing the battle however; his mission had simply been to put a "dent" into the Players' Club. Rindge ordered White to return, but White refused. Rindge wondered aloud if White were stupid or suicidal. He said his official record would "state that you're a coward and a deserter" and told White he would "die for nothing". White said they'd both know the truth however. Rindge ordered the last of his troops to leave, abandoning White to his fate.[1]


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