Rip-field generators were structures found on a derelict xel'naga worldship within the sigma quadrant. They create a rip field aura over a wide radius that steadily drains the health of any units in the area of effect.

History[edit | edit source]

The Tal'darim used several generators to defend a worldship from Raynor's Raiders, who were searching for the final component to the Keystone. Having scouted out the worldship prior to the mission, Crown Prince Valerian Mengsk supplied the Raiders with battlecruiser schematics. The durability of the ships allowed them to enter the fields and destroy the generators without suffering critical damage and risking destruction.

Game Structure[edit | edit source]

Units caught by the rip-field will take damage depending on the difficulty:[1]

Casual: 1.25 damage per second

Normal: 2 damage per second

Hard: 2.5 damage per second

Brutal: 3 damage per second

Units with active plasma shields, such as protoss units, are unaffected by the drain. If a protoss unit is attacked until it shields are depleted, it will be rendered vulnerable until its shields begin to regenerate. Units being damaged by the field give off light green smoke.

References[edit | edit source]

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