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Robert Mason was the captain of the Gray Tiger; a Behemoth-class battlecruiser. He was loyal to the ship despite its rugged exterior and interior and would hear no word against it.

Mason was tall, thin, had greasy blond hair, uneven, off-white teeth and "looked about as dented and dirtied as the vessel he captained." He also possessed exceptionally pale skin and had dark smudges under his eyes, probably as the result of receiving little sunlight due to his service.[1]

In 2503,[2] Mason found himself transporting teams of archaeologists to the world of Nemaka. A few months after making the fourth drop off, Mason received a call to head back to Nemaka, the team to be transported and incarcerated. Things did not progress as planned however, courtesy of a marine going rampant. The marine destroyed the ship's radio and life support systems, leaving Mason and his crew to freeze to death.


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