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"I have no idea how a protoss worked its way so far in the base, but I'm glad it did. As confident as I am in my calculations... Nothing compares with a live subject."

- Dr. Robertson(src)

Dr. 'Robertson was a Umojan Protectorate scientist who worked at Spearpoint Base, developing weapons to combat the protoss. She developed a powerful gun that specialized at killing protoss.


Dr. Robertson worked in the secret lab hidden in Spearpoint Base, focusing on developing a weapon capable of combating the protoss. However, her development was largely based on theory and calculation rather than live tests, thus giving her some doubt to her results.

Her research was discovered by a renegade Nerazim, who sought to use this weapon, combined with a protoss power cell, to kill other protoss. She used a terran named Caleb to infiltrate the base and discover the lab, and killed her way inside. When they arrived at Robertson's section, she appeared wielding the weapon she developed, reacting with joy that she would finally be able to test it.

Nearby, Caleb reached for a laser pistol, and she told him that it would not hurt the protoss, but that her weapon would. She misjudged his motives however, and realized too late. Caleb shot her in the chest, killing the doctor and allowing the Nerazim to take her creation.

When Caleb used the same laser pistol to destroy their ship's controls, thus damning both him and the Nerazim to die, he reflected on Robertson's words, and said that she was wrong: the gun did end up killing the Nerazim.[1]


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