Robo-harvesters are multi-purpose terran vehicle used for agriculture. Running on vespene gas and moving on treads, their functions include bulldozing, tilling, destroying boulders, planting and harvesting crops such as triticale-wheat. Larger variants possess rock-crushing machinery, while others are equipped with flamethrowers to clear forests to make way for arable land and/or boulder-blasters, although a boulder catapult may be used instead of the latter, flinging boulders aside instead of shattering them.[1]

For the harvesting of crops, a combine arm can be lowered, possessing razor spikes. A weather scanner and atmospheric pressure tracker also feature. The glass windows of the driver's cabin possess great resilience to projectiles, suggesting they may be made of plasteel.[1] The CSX-410 model features an open cab however.[2] It is possible for someone to ride shotgun within the cab.[1]

Robo-harvesters are capable of traversing rough terrain, able to travel 10-20 clicks. In addition, they can be useful weapons when in the right hands, as demonstrated in the Battle of Bhekar Ro.[1]

Known DriversEdit


The robo-harvester can be considered analogous to the real-world combine harvester.


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