Master Sergeant Rockwell was the senior non-commissioned officer of the 321st Colonial Rangers Battalion, commanded by Colonel Javier Vanderspool.

He had a dislike for the Special Tactics and Missions Platoon, as well as the neurally resocialized marine under his command. He had an antagonistic relationship with Lieutenant Tyson of the STM platoon.

During the Battle of Polk's Pride, Rockwell led a platoon of resocialized marines. As they approached the target, a strategic resources repository, defended by gauss cannons on the landings of a steep zig-zagged, Lance Corporal Jim Raynor suggested his own troops take out the cannons. Rockwell ignored him, sending the resocs directly at the cannons. They were all killed. Rockwell criticized their uselessness, and Raynor lost his temper and punched him out. Rockwell vowed revenge; Raynor was later arrested, demoted to private, and jailed for the attack.[1]


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