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"My sisters and I are unique... trained from birth to master every intricacy of the Khala. I have experienced its true depth, plunged the infinite spectrum of emotion and memory. It is because of this gift we were selected to enter stasis... So that we may guide you in our most dire hour."

- Rohana(src)

Rohana was one of three grand preservers who helped create the arkships. When the Spear of Adun was reactivated, she served as an advisor to Hierarch Artanis.


In Service of the Empire[]

Rohana was one of three grand preservers to serve in the era of the Protoss Empire, during the Golden Age of Expansion. She and her sisters, Orlana and Shantira, kept all memories and emotions of the protoss connected to the Khala. When two motherships suffered khaydarin crystal failures in the gravity well of a neutron star and were destroyed, she and her sisters sought to ensure a bulwark against random small tragedies destroying the Protoss Empire. Thus she and her sisters, with the help of Khalai Caste scientists, helped design and construct the first arkship, the Spear of Adun, a contingency in case protoss society suffered a catastrophe they could not overcome.

Rohana, Orlina and Shantira

Judicator Mardonios then revealed they were constructing two more arkships, and asked the grand preservers' guidance as to how many more they needed to build. Rohana was initially for constructing many more, but upon years of reflecting, discovered that they had constructed the arkships too early, and the nature of the protoss would lead the arkships to be used preemptively to stop a threat as opposed to as a failsafe when the worst happened.

She and her sisters presented this to the Conclave, who they managed to convince to bury the arkships until a time when they were most needed. Rohana and her sisters agreed to be buried in each arkship in stasis with a cadre of warriors accepting the probability that they would not all survive to be revived for the future. Rohana was assigned to be buried in the Spear of Adun. On the day that she entered the ship and went into stasis, Rohana became consumed with the horrible certainty that she would be the only grand preserver to manage to awaken during that long awaited dark period in Aiur's future.[2]

In a New Age[]

"Hold! I am Rohana, Grand Preserver of the Velari, and your War Council advisor. You must be Executor in Command."

- Rohana introduces herself(src)

Protoss Preserver Rohana

Rohana was awakened in 2506 by Hierarch Artanis, after the awakening of Amon and the corruption of the Khala. Though she was distraught to discover her sisters were killed when the two other arkships were destroyed in the zerg invasion, she carried on. Rohana refused to have her nerve cords severed, and instead opted to remain connected and fight back Amon's influence. She wished to serve as a councilor to Artanis, and call on the memories of their people in order to better advise him.[3]

During the end war, she initially expressed disdain towards the new ways, and openly voiced her dislike of the Nerazim[4][5] and new purifiers.[3] She also expressed disapproval of Artanis's interactions with the terrans, who she saw as lesser and primitive beings, despite Artanis' objections in their potential.[4][6]

Artanis finds Rohana under Amon's possession

After the siege of Korhal, she would become possessed by Amon, and be used as a mouthpiece for him to communicate with Artanis. Though she insisted she could hold him back, Artanis had her contained in a stasis pod to ensure Amon would not run amok the ship.[3]

During the campaign into Ulnar, Rohana was in awe of the xel'naga construct, noting that it was a place spoken of only in myths.[4][7] Later when Amon sprung his trap on Artanis, she would once again become possessed by Amon, and taunt Vorazun with the universe's destruction. After the discovery of the death of the xel'naga, Artanis sought desperate allies in the form of the ancient purifiers and the Tal'darim, neither of which Rohana approved of.

As Artanis approached Endion, she protested reawakening the ancient purifiers, as they had turned on the protoss once before. Fenix countered with the point that they too would have turned on what they viewed as a slave master. Artanis ignored Rohana's protests, released the stasis field around the Cybros and made an alliance with the purifiers.[3]

Final Decision[]

"For the Daelaam."

- Rohana, before severing her nerve cords(src)

Following the destruction of Amon's hybrid breeding facilities, Amon possessed Rohana again to speak with Artanis. Due to his arrogance, Rohana was able to look into Amon's memories and saw how he created the zerg and used them against his kin, along with his desire to end the current cycle and make the xel'naga creations suffer. As the Daelaam made its way back to Aiur, Rohana also informed him that Amon's host body was complete and he intended to unleash the Golden Armada once they arrived.[4] Artanis stated that her link the Khala had proved invaluable, but that she had to finally sever it. Forming a psi-blade, she finally severed herself from the Khala, freeing herself from Amon's ability to control her.[8]

The return to Aiur

During the second invasion of Aiur, Rohana coordinated Artanis's executors as they destroyed the psionic matrix. Artanis expressed hesitance at fighting his fellow Templar and convincing them to sever their nerve cords, but Rohana assured him that he would be successful, as she felt that if he could convince her, he could easily convince the others.[9] During the defense of the Keystone to extract Amon from the Khala, she commanded the Spear of Adun. However, she was attacked by the Golden Armada, and the arkship was picked apart, leaving the ship damaged and unable to aid Artanis. She and the ship managed to survive the conflict, and Aiur was reclaimed for the Daelaam.[10]

Into the Void[]

AlliedCommanders SC2-LotV Art1.jpg

This article or section contains information derived from Co-op Missions, and should not be considered part of the official StarCraft storyline.

When the Daelaam and their allies returned to Ulnar to enter the Void and destroy Amon, Amon's remaining forces attempted to destroy Ulnar to prevent their entrance. They did so by overloading the celestial locks around the temple, which would destabilize it and cause it to explode. Rohana led the defense of the locks.[11]

Game Effect[]

Rohana is found in the war council in the Spear of Adun in Legacy of the Void.[12] She serves as an adviser, and helps coordinate Artanis's forces.

Personality and Traits[]

"Rohana is a proud mystic who believes in the utter necessity of the preservation of the memory and societal continuity of her people. She shares the memories of generations of brave protoss, and visceral knowledge of her people's history."

- Character description(src)

Rohana's portrait with nerve cords

Before her stasis aboard the Spear of Adun, Rohana was a driven protoss who was not afraid to seek out tasks others thought impossible, like eliminating the chance of random accidents destroying the Protoss Empire. She showed a strict adherence to tradition when confronted with a templar master facing doubt over the changing ways, but was not afraid to think creatively when faced with the issue of what to do regarding the creation of new arkships. Her expertise as a preserver largely focused on military matters over more mundane sciences. Even before her stasis, Rohana was an ancient protoss, living well over the normal thousand-year lifespan of a protoss.[2]

After she was awakened, Rohana held on to the old ways of the Protoss Empire, openly speaking out against her Nerazim crew, Artanis' terran allies and the reawakening of the purifiers. She served as a reminder of the past, clinging to old traditions and ways, and refusing to cut her connection from the Khala even as Amon continued to possess her, stating it was the only thing that brought unity to the protoss. Though Artanis valued her memories and her ability to see into Amon's thoughts, he began to grow weary of her adherence to the old ways and her objections to his choices, becoming more of a critic than a councilor.

Eventually, she came to terms with the new world she ended up in, and cut herself from the Khala, stating that perhaps history did not need to be recorded with perfect clarity and the emotion that came with the memory.[4]


Her portrait can be unlocked in the game for players who complete the Battle Ready achievement.

When the protoss first arrive at Endion, in the conversation with Rohana about Fenix, she will speak similarly to Abathur in one of her lines while also striking his pose with her hands.


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