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Rourke was a reporter from Mar Sara, possessing red hair and a craggy scar across his forehead. He made friends with Tarsonis Universe News Network reporter Michael Liberty.[1]


Rourke reported on the zerg invasion of Mar Sara and on the moving of civilians into the Badlands and into detainment camps, along with many other reporters, such as Michael Liberty. Rourke was fond of calling Liberty 'Mickey'. One day while they were playing poker, Rourke and Liberty switched badges so Liberty could pose as local press, which would enable him to explore the outland areas, while Rourke would take Liberty's job, so both could find new stories. This was good for Liberty, but bad for Rourke: While Liberty went to a camp for his story, Rourke was in a bus when it was attacked by "terrorists wearing stolen Firebat armor", killing him and all the other reporters. The news badge he was carrying was all that could be identified, and thus it was thought that he was Michael Liberty. Upon hearing that Rourke died because of their switch, Liberty felt extremely guilty.[1]


Rourke's calling Michael Liberty 'Mickey' is a possible reference to famous actor Mickey Rourke.

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