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"Call in the most elite forces the Dominion has to offer with the Royal Guard. These powerful units gain veterancy experience in combat, increasing their power with each new rank they attain. Royal Guard units form the strong backbone of Mengsk’s army—provided you keep them alive."

- Faction description(src)

The Royal Guard (also known as the Elite Guard[1] and Imperial Guard[2]) were an elite unit within the Terran Dominion[1][3][4][5][6] and formerly the Sons of Korhal.[7][8][9] They were made up of Arcturus Mengsk's most loyal followers, stationed on Korhal.[2] The guard is entrusted with security and patrolling the grounds of Korhal Palace,[10] but were sometimes sent on away missions.[11] The guardsmen were noted by Nova to be very good at their job.[10]


The Guard fought alongside Arcturus Mengsk in during Mengsk's Uprising, and fought during the Fall of Tarsonis, attempting to prevent the escape of Raynor's Raiders from the planet.[7] They made the transition to the Terran Dominion as the personal guard to the Emperor,[2] and continued to fight during the Brood War on Braxis[1] and Korhal against the United Earth Directorate invasion.[4]

In 2503, the Royal Guard were attacked during the spectre assault on Korhal Palace. All members of the guard close to Mengsk were killed in the attack, though the spectres were repelled by Nova Terra.[10]

During the Second Great War, strike teams of the Royal Guard were deployed around the sector during the second half of the conflict.[12] At the invasion of Korhal the Royal Guard attempted to repel the initial waves of zerg attackers, but failed to stop the zerg from securing a foothold on the world.[11] Their forces took command of the final defense around the Korhal Palace as the zerg advanced into the city, but failed to defend their emperor.[13]

Two Royal Guard marines defended Emperor Valerian Mengsk during the Defenders of Man Insurgency as he made his speech on Vardona exposing the Defenders of Man.[14] Several members of the Royal Guard however had defected to the Defenders of Man, and stood with their loyalists in the final stand at the Cerros Shipyards.[15]

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This article or section contains information derived from Co-op Missions, and should not be considered part of the official StarCraft storyline.

In the alternate timeline where Arcturus Mengsk survives the Second Great War, the Royal Guard were deployed to the field to combat the forces of Amon. Their elite expertise supported the masses of Dominion troopers conscripted to fight the great enemy and his legions.[16]

Game UnitEdit

Heart of the SwarmEdit

In the final three missions of Heart of the Swarm, numerous "elite guard" units appear. They use modified base model units, similar to mercenaries, and have higher stats than normal units. The enemy forces in the final mission produce elite guard-type units instead of normal forces, with the exception of units that do not have a counterpart unit in the elite guard.

A unit named the Elite Guard appears in the Nova Covert Ops mission "In the Enemy's Shadow" alongside Valerian Mengsk with the model of the Son of Korhal marine. They are invulnerable.[14]

Co-op MissionsEdit

The Royal Guard serve as the elite units of Arcturus Mengsk in Co-op Missions. Unlike the masses of expendable Dominion troopers, the Royal Guard are powerful but vespene gas heavy elite units, that level up based on kills from around the map. If no Royal Guard is in range to collect the experience for a kill, it is divided evenly among the Royal Guard on the map. As Royal Guard level up, they gain special abilities and improvements. Each Royal Guard can level up three ranks.

At Mengsk Level 5, Royal Guard generate Imperial Mandate, allowing him to use calldowns. The amount generated increases with the rank and supply cost of the Royal Guard unit.

The imperial witness and imperial intercessor to not benefit from Royal Guard ranks, nor count toward the Royal Guard Imperial Mandate count.[16]

In Co-op Missions, Mengsk can build the following Royal Guard:

Royal Guard of the Dominion

Killing enemy units grants experience to nearby Royal Guards. If there are no nearby Royal Guards when an enemy is killed, the experience is instead split between all Royal Guards in the mission. Experience allows the unit to gain Rank, which improves its damage, armor, health and unlock new abilities or passive bonuses.

Campaign Acquisition
Unlock Rank 1 & 2 - Initially available.
Rank 3 - Reach Mengsk Level 15.
Rank 1
Required Grants experience
Rank 2
Required Grants experience
Rank 3
Required Grants experience
Might of the Empire

Royal Guards increase Imperial Support based on their supply cost and Rank. Each point of Imperial Support generates 1 Imperial Mandate every 240 seconds.


Imperial Support=50% for Royal Guard's Supply. Depending on the Rank level, the number of Imperial Support increases by x2 (Rank 1), x3 (Rank 2) or x4 (Rank 3).
Mastery: +1% of Imperial Support per Royal Guard Support mastery point. Up to a maximum +30%.

Campaign Acquisition
Unlock Reach Mengsk Level 5.
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Rank 1
Effect {{{effect2}}}
Rank 2
Effect {{{effect3}}}
Rank 3
Effect {{{effect4}}}

Known Royal Guard UnitsEdit


  • Computer-controlled red terrans are always referred to as the "elite guard" in the victory/defeat area of single-player StarCraft games.


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