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This article or section contains information derived from Co-op Missions, and should not be considered part of the official StarCraft storyline.

Sabotage drones are a mechanical explosive used by Nova Terra. They are cloaked, and cause massive damage in a radius after a setup period.[1]

Game UnitEdit

Sabotage drones are used by Nova Terra in Co-op Missions when she is in her stealth form, and are summonable. Upon spawning, they are both permanently cloaked and invulnerable, and can be guided toward a target. Once the drone hits a target, it will root in the ground, and charge for ten seconds. It will then explode, dealing 200 damage to units in the area and 400 damage to structures.[1]

Nova AC SabotageDrone SC2 Icon1
Sabotage Drone

Sends a sabotage drone to target location. The sabotage drone can root, becoming immobile, and ten seconds later explodes, dealing 200 damage (+200 vs structure) to enemies nearby.

Hotkey E
Cost 100 Energy Terran SC1
Cooldown 45Time SC2 Game1

Mastery: increases the Sabotage Drone damage by +3.34 (+3.34 vs structure) per Mastery point. (up to a maximum 300 (+300 vs structure) damage)




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