Template:Infobox charactersmall Samir Duran —better known as Duran or Lieutenant Duran— was introduced as a Terran Lieutenant who was later apparently infested by the Zerg and turned into a Zerg/Terran hybrid. In StarCraft: Brood War, Duran is voiced by Paul Ainsley.


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Little is known about Duran, except what he has said about himself. By his own account, Duran, allegedly aged 33, served in the Alpha Squadron of the Terran Confederacy before Arcturus Mengsk brought it down. Duran then led a small commando squad called the Confederate Resistance Forces that was dedicated to striking at Mengsk and his new Terran Dominion. Though most of his comrades regard Duran as a sly and cunning leader, few believed the truth about his mysterious nature.

Special Advisor


When the United Earth Directorate launched its first attack against the Terran Dominion on the world Braxis, Duran offered his services to the UED Vice Admiral Alexi Stukov. Stukov accepted, because both men had the same enemy, and because Duran could prove to be a valuable asset, but he was suspicious. This was not a deal that Admiral DuGalle approved at first glance, because in his eyes Duran was merely a "turncoat" to the Dominion.

Due to the information gained from Boralis, DuGalle set his sights on more important targets - such as the shipyards of Dylar IV. Dylar had been an important Terran Confederacy world, but was overwhelmed by the Zerg. However, the Terran Dominion had reclaimed the planet, constructing a huge shipyard in orbit over it.

Duran warned DuGalle that the Terran Dominion could respond to any attack made on the outlaying Dominion border worlds within 16 standard hours. DuGalle accepted the information, but scorned Duran's treachery, while Stukov was happy to accept the warning. The Dominion General Edmund Duke led a force against the UED task force, which had captured a number of battlecruisers held in drydock over Dylar IV. The UED was victorious, and forced the military forces that could not escape Dylar IV into their service.

Admiral DuGalle took the UED fleet to Tarsonis, where he believed a hidden weapons relay called the Psi Disrupter was located. Duran suggested the Psi Disrupter was such a powerful and dangerous piece of technology that it should be destroyed before Arcturus Mengsk could get his hands on it, but Vice Admiral Stukov believed its anti-Zerg abilities would greatly assist the UED in defeating the Zerg. DuGalle, perhaps surprisingly, agreed with Duran. He ordered Duran to personally descend to the surface of Tarsonis to reach and destroy the Psi Disrupter. Duran defeated the Zerg which had clustered around the Disrupter, only to run into resistance from Stukov's Ghosts. They said they would take care of the matter themselves. Duran did not challenge them.


Admiral DuGalle had defeated Arcturus Mengsk at his throne world of Korhal, but Mengsk escaped with the assistance of Jim Raynor. The two were protected by Fenix's Protoss forces on the Protoss homeworld of Aiur. DuGalle did not know why the Protoss were harboring them, but he followed them to the world. He found them in a small command center, near a Warp Gate, which could take them anywhere. The Gate was closed, however.

Stukov, Duran, DuGalle and his captain were all assigned positions around the Protoss, with the captain's forces to enter the area and attack the Protoss. Shortly thereafter, the Warp Gate was activated. Nonetheless, the captain's forces defeated the Protoss, but Mengsk and Raynor made a desperate dash towards the Warp Gate to freedom.

Stukov detects a wave of Zerg attacking from the northeast, but Duran had moved his forces out of place. Duran claimed his equipment wasn't detecting the Zerg, and perhaps there was a problem with Stukov's equipment. Then he claimed his communications equipment isn't working, and cut off the transmission.

The Zerg interfere with the UED operation, allowing Mengsk and Raynor to escape. The Warp Gate then self-destructs.

Stukov tells the captain that he must leave, as he has personal business. He doesn't explain his actions to the captain, DuGalle or Duran.

Tracking him to Braxis, DuGalle and Duran became aware of a new development ... the Psi Disrupter had been reconstructed and had been activated.

Duran told DuGalle that Stukov had betrayed him, and that he reconstructed the Disrupter in order to sabotage DuGalle's mission in the Koprulu Sector.

DuGalle said he couldn't believe it, but believed the evidence is incontrovertible. He ordered Duran to enter the Disrupter and deal with the traitor.

Duran led a number of UED marines into the base, defeating Stukov's personal guard. Finally he found Vice Admiral Stukov himself. Duran says he's here to terminate Stukov's command, and Stukov says they both know what he's here to terminate. Duran then shoots Stukov, using a different weapon from his canister rifle, and vanishes. The dying Stukov tells DuGalle that he believes Duran is infested, and is a traitor to the UED. Duran convinced DuGalle not to activate the Psi Disrupter, and allowed Mengsk and Raynor to escape. As Stukov lays dying, the Psi Disrupter's self-destruct activates, and Zerg pour into the structure. Stukov says this is proof of Duran's treachery, and then expires. A vengeful DuGalle orders the computer to find Duran, but it cannot. DuGalle's forces, allying again with Stukov's personal guard, successfully defeated the Zerg and saved the Psi Disrupter.


Duran is revealed to have been infested by the Zerg, possibly in the final stages of Episode V, turning him into an Zerg/Terran Hybrid. This transformation was expected to make Duran a servant of the infested Sarah Kerrigan in the same manner that all the Zerg Swarm becomes. Stukov believed that Duran may have been infested even before he met the United Earth Directorate expedition, in part because he tried to get DuGalle to destroy the Psi Disrupter. Some proof to this is that, if one listens closely, Duran's speech fades in and out of an 'infested' voice twice during the mission to execute Stukov. This occurs during the mission twice, during the briefing when Duran suggests Stukov is a traitor, and when he tells Stukov that he is going to 'terminate his command.' On the mission to capture the Overmind his voice fades into an infested voice more blatently, when he introduces Kerrigan at the end.

Duran becomes represented in-game by a new unit, called Infested Duran.

The Mystery Deepens

Main article: Dark Origin

At one of the final stages of Episode VI, Kerrigan loses all her psionic links with Duran for no explained reason. Later, Zeratul discovers that Duran was secretly (and under unknown orders) breeding a Zerg/Protoss Hybrid. From the manner in which Duran replied to Zeratul, claiming to be many millenia old (and having had many names over these millenia) and serving "a higher power", Duran's background became even more enigmatic.

Was Duran really a Terran, a Xel'Naga, a servant thereof, or some other, unknown species? Did Duran use Kerrigan? Had he somehow infiltrated the Swarm? Is he a shapeshifter, a mutant, or a possessing spirit? The questions remain unanswered, though further inspection of the secret mission and the mission prior to it provides evidence as to who/what he is.

Game Unit

Duran, represented by a Terran Ghost unit, generally wears a white muscle shirt, blue pants, and a Beret. He also carries his powerful C-10 Canister Rifle. As a hero, Duran's weapon is imbued with power 3 times that of a normal Ghost and he is not at all representative of the Ghost as a unit.

Duran becomes represented in-game by a new unit, called Infested Duran. He has more hit points and a carapace (although it's not very obvious). He still uses a canister rifle, however, and the method by which his consume ability functions is obviously a technological device, as it makes a "high-tech sound" when he consumes a Zerg, somehow feeding its biological energy into the device. His voice changes to that of an Infested Terran. He is also shown in the unit window as a color-coded Wireframe identical to his previous form, making him the only Zerg unit represented as such. Curiously, Infested Duran is the only unit to be upgraded with weapon and armor upgrades from separate factions: Zerg Carapace upgrades will improve Duran's armor, but it is Terran Infantry Weapons upgrades that improve the power of his weaponry. This makes him one of the few unique units in the game. Duran also has a unique death sound that is in the game data, but not implemented. It's entirely possible that Duran was intended to be even more unique.


"I've had many names throughout the millennia, young prodigal. You would know me best as Samir Duran."

"I am a servant of a far greater power. A power that has slept for countless ages. And is reflected in the creature within that cell."

"I already told you my name, it's Duran! Duran!"

"What? Is something funny?"

"Please, tell me now"


Duran's beret is the same color, and has the same insignia, as the ones worn by soldiers in the ARVN Airborne (South Vietnamese paratroopers) during the Vietnam War, according to IMDb.

Click Duran (either version) many times and he will mention the 80's band Duran Duran, and one of its hits: "Is There Something I Should Know?". This is one of Blizzard's many humorous additions to the game.

Duran's name contains the letters that make up "I am Adun", along with the letters s, r and r. His name is also similar to that of Doran Routhe.


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