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Sammy is a Kel-Morian miner based on Chanuk. A father of six children, Sammy has long hair and his skin is swarthy. Isaac White thought of him as "Rosy-Cheeked Man".


In February 2504 the Players' Club, an anti-Combine rebel group, planned to blow up the Combine mining operation on Chanuk. After the attack began, Sammy identified Park, Shoberg and Philbin Gonsales as rebels.

Terran Dominion troops, including First Sergeant Isaac White, arrived to assist the Combine in fighting off the Players' Club (not out of altruism, but because the Players' Club had also attacked the Dominion). After the Dominion troops beat back the initial Players' Club assault, they abandoned Chanuk. However, White remained behind.

Sammy explained the background of the Players' Club to White.

White got into a burrowing FAFNR in order to get at the explosives, and Sammy remotely assisted him on the journey. Though White nearly ran out of time, he was able to disarm the explosives, saving the life of Sammy and the other Kel-Morians.[1]


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