"Why did I do that, sir? I think he was my friend."

"You are a reaper, Lords."

"I do what I must."

- Samuel Lords and Warden Kejora on killing Gabriel Staton(src)

Samuel "The Lisk" Lords is a former marine and criminal, later recruited as a terran reaper. He had sharpened teeth to match his pseudonym.


Pre-Conscription Edit

Samuel Lords was a marine, one of the first to drop against a hive cluster. The operation failed, and his whole squadron was hit with zerg biotoxins. He was severely injured and suffered many acid burns to the head, and later, self-inflicted wounds. Lords was conscripted for multiple counts of assault, misuse of military equipment, destruction of military property, and six counts of murder.

Conscription Edit

Samuel Lords became a reaper trainee at the Icehouse. He and Gabriel Staton were noticed by Warden Kejora as the recruits lined up. As the inmates are directed to their cells, a prisoner sized up and tried to intimidate Lords. When asked where he was from, Lords muttered "I dunno" and displayed no emotion. When asked his name, Lords responded with "The Lisk." The prisoner proceeded to mock Lisk and tried to deem him "Runtalisk". Lords then attacked and defeated the larger prisoner, then retorted with "It's just The Lisk."

Lisk was befriended by Staton and protected Staton from more aggressive prisoners. One day, the prison meals were doctored to make the prisoners feel aggressive, but Staton calmed down Lisk. Staton took charge of about 40 prisoners, used his reaper armor and dual P-45 pistols to shoot out the cameras, and made his way towards Kejora's control room. After revealing his background (seeking revenge for his brother, a deceased reaper trainee), Staton was about to shoot Kejora, but then Lisk approached Staton from behind and shot him twice in the back.


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