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"You should never have artist’s block. If you have free time, don’t go onto your phone, or social media and the like. Think about your next image, your next project. I do a lot of my creative thinking in the car on my way to work. No music. No books on tape. It is quiet time to think about the project and figure out what I want to do. So the next time I sit in front of my sketchbook, I am prepared. My saying is ABC. Always Be Creating. That is what I try to embrace everyday. My story, The Last Winter, was born from this ideology. BOOM, blatant plug. :)"

- Samwise Didier(src)

Sam "Samwise" Didier is the art director at Blizzard Entertainment. He is responsible for creating much of the artwork for computer games in the Warcraft, StarCraft, and Diablo series. Among the veteran Blizzard employees, Samwise has been a consistent artist for many years, his unique style greatly influencing the game art. In addition to his works at Blizzard, he does the cover art for Hammerfall album covers. He was the senior art director for StarCraft,[2] and is currently the senior art director of StarCraft II[3] and Heroes of the Storm.[4]







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