Sarengo was a supercarrier.


At Doran Routhe's private laboratories on Earth, Sarengo was loaded with eight thousand United Powers League prisoners and enough supplies, rations and hardware to aid them once they arrived at their destination.[1]

Sarengo was programmed to follow Nagglfar as it was launched toward Gantris VI. At some point during the voyage Sarengo veered off course along with the other supercarriers and barrel blindly through warp space for twenty-eight years until its warp-drive engines reached critical meltdown.[1]

Sarengo emerged into real space in the Koprulu sector. With its engines destroyed and its life-support batteries nearly exhausted, Sarengo engaged its emergency protocols and plummeted toward Umoja. It suffered massive systems failures during its atmospheric descent and smashed into the planet, killing all of its passengers[1] and cleaving a massive canyon into the planet.[2]

After the Umojan Protectorate was founded, the canyon the Sarengo crashed in was declared a restricted zone, with the Umojans regularly clearing the area of intruders.[3]


During the Great War, more data was recovered from the wreck's computer by a consortium of scientists employed by the Kel-Morian Research Facility. Data reconstruction shed additional light on the celebration of Easter.[4]


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